Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Right now at Soul each day is full and we are working very hard to keep everything moving forward. We received a most lovely donation today especially considering that the work is up amongst the portraits of our governor's in Olympia. It came from The Evan's Family Foundation at the request of my friends Dan and Celia Evans. Celia's sister is one of the newest photographers for Soul and of course Dan's father is the esteemed former governor, Dan Evans Sr. We are honored to receive their support, especially considering that in the past two days we have had requests from 4 new families to Soul. I will do one of the shoots, Kurt Smith another, Celia's sister Cami and Teddi Yeager are working together on the third and we are waiting to book the fourth until we are given clearance by the family.

I am posting more beautiful Valentine's that will be for sale at the 5th Anniversary here in Ballard on February 6th. All proceeds will go directly to the work of Soul.

In love and peace, Lynette