Saturday, January 23, 2010

I had been having an emotional week and shared this with our volunteer accountant and artist, Jenni Wilson when she dropped off her Valentines. I sometimes deal with issues around sorrow and loss and she shared some incredible words that are from a blog entry that was on the Seattle Times web site when a biker was killed here in Ballard. I think they are truly beautiful and inspiring words and I immediately started to feel more balanced and ready to go back to work on a project for Soul after reading it. I know this in my heart but sometimes its hard to keep it in our mind:

"Life is much more than the life of the body; It is an infinite expanse of energy; A continuum of love in countless dimensions; a psychological and spiritual experience independent of physical form. We have been alive forever-we will be alive forever more"

The Valentine's are arriving daily and they are stunning as you can see by the examples here. It is not too late to turn them in if you are an artist/craftsman who wants to contribute. Please email if you'd like the guidelines, but of course time is running short as its only two weeks from today that we celebrate.

All of us who were at the reception at the state capitol this Thursday were so thrilled with the power of the Soulumination Collection in this rare and special venue. We were treated to a visit by our governor as she was invited by her high school friend Shirley who is our beloved Soul grandma and volunteer bookkeeper. Shirley was unable to join us at the event but Christine met Matt and Angie, our board members and Soul parents and heard about the work of our little nonprofit. We are so endlessly thankful to Kat Dunn and her parents, Sue and Pat for their work to make this show a reality. I am sharing one photo today and will share more later this next week.

Sarah and I had a little chat at the end of the day Friday and we are expecting some amazing musical talent at the 5Th Anniversary, a number of the performers have ties directly to Soulumination, one is a Soul dad, one is our own Sarah and her sisters, one is a beloved couple who volunteer regularly, and then we have some that are noted in their fields as true recording artists, rising stars and certainly there is powerful and amazing talent in all the acts. The event is to honor and celebrate the lives we have touched and the families of the project and if you come we will share these talented musicians and over 100 new portraits. The courtyard will feature hundreds of prayer flags from around the country. We have spiritual leaders to bless the event and lovely Valentine art for sale. Hundreds of hours have gone into the planning and preparation so we hope for large turnout.

I close with a tip of the hat to our photographer Leo Lamb and our new weekend phone guru, Greg Johnson (who will be performing a song written especially for the celebration) for their work with a new family this past weekend. The photos are absolutely stunning. My two upcoming shoots have been postponed but we will work with these families at a later date.

In love and peace, Lynette