Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I don't think we have ever had 2 blog entries in one day, but today is special. Kari has arrived safely back in Seattle from her little jaunt this morning down to the capitol to hang the show that is in the reception area just outside our distinguished governor's office.

I am posting photos of the exhibit taken by Kat Dunn who was interning for us this summer and took on the idea of getting shows scheduled. With the help of her long-time Soul supporting parents, Susan and Pat Dunn she landed us a show that is really an amazing honor. The photos of our Soul kids are hung in the area right outside our governor's office amongst the oil painting of the leaders of our state.

Please stop in to view if you are in Olympia. We are blessed to have this type of honoring of the families of Soulumination. Job well done Kat and family. In love and peace, Lynette