Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Each and every day there is something new for Soul and today is no different. I will be working with a family soon that one of the family members is a Soul child and her uncle will now be part of the legacy project. Life is perplexing, but there is no doubt about the work being meaningful to families. I will share the words left by one of the two families that I worked with at Children's last week. These types of responses to the work definitely makes it easier to keep going:

We were one of the two families at Children's that day. Your presence was a sweet gift to us, as well as your lovely and intimate photos.

Thank you. Thank you. One of these days was more than I could have ever imagined...that you walk into these moments with regularity and intentionality blesses me. Amazes me.

Today we bury our little girl. Your pics arrived yesterday and somehow, make today easier.

We are receiving many stunning Valentine's for the sale at the 5th Anniversary Celebration, you can view two new examples here today. I have completed 5 Valentine themed tins and 7 bead dolls to add to the display at the sale and Babs and I have collaborated on some notepads, so come and get an incredible Valentine for your sweetheart and honor the families of Soul by your presence on February 6th.

In love and peace, Lynette