Friday, January 08, 2010

Doing the right thing isn't always easy, last night at 7pm I was heading back to Children's Hospital for a second new angel baby in one day. The sorrow and the loss of such beautiful infants weighs heavy but the love surrounding each child somehow carries you through. I wanted to cry and rail against the unjustness of it all, but good friends and family once again bolstered my spirits by chatting to me on my headset as I arrived and departed. Usually in one day of shooting for the foundation it only takes the time of two people to help me, one for the drive there and one for the ride home. Yesterday I was graced with the love and support of 4 caring people and now the photos are on their way to post production and printing. I am blessed to have the love I need to make it all happen.

We also sent three more discs to Moonphoto for printing yesterday, Kelly, Jodi and Kailee had completed shoots for new families earlier in the week. We increased our shoots in 2009 by 36 families for a total of 147 families. The work of our photographers is outstanding and we are so grateful for their hard work and incredible talent.

One day after the hanging of the show outside the governor's office(which is pictured above) I was watching the late night news and as the reporter's camera scanned the people of the story there were the angel babies clearly in the background. This show is really amazing and it will be such an honor to have a little time to chat with our esteemed governor about the work.

Plans are moving right along for the 5Th Anniversary, the new photos for the exhibit are really stunning. We thank Moonphoto for the beautiful printing and Annie's Art and frame for working on the mounting. My sister-in-law, Sally, mother of angel baby Lainie will be directing the hanging of the show. Babs Glover is doing a bang up job working with the artists to create amazing Valentine's that will be for sale at the celebration. We are just working around the clock to have this day be something remarkable. We have the promise of warm kettle corn and heart shaped cookies made by volunteers and organized by long time supporter and friend Deb Hamby. Expect to hear some amazing music and words of blessing by spiritual leaders. We hope you will attend in honor of our families and in honor of the work of Soulumination. In love and peace, Lynette