Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today's missive will be full of thank yous as we have been so busy here at Soul before the holidays and so many amazing things have been happening.

I had a Soul shoot at Children's on Friday and feel so thankful that it was my turn to take up my camera for our mission. The little fellow I met lit up my life and my camera and his family was just delightful. This little guy had just passed one year from his bone marrow transplant and believe me it was party time in his room. I was treated to some incredible dancing and lots of loud music, seemed amazing that one shy of his second birthday could have so many amazing moves.

Also out working for Soul were Jodi with her 2 shoots in just three days, Randell, Michael and Dawn. I have seen most of the discs and am so thankful for the efforts that are consistently beautiful by these talented photographers. We are also working with movies from a family who lost their dad a number of years ago to digitize the videos so that we can get some still images for them and I am delighted to say that my dear friend and bride, Vicki Piha Ashberg, who helped inspire the Adult Legacy Project will now be featured in our Soul collection. I have a plan at work to gift her family with some of our Soul special creations before the holidays since at the time of her passing we did not have a Soul section for adults, but we have the images to work with since I was her photographer each year on her son's birthday. I thank her sister Ricca and brother-in-law Billy for the donation that covers the cost of enlarging and mounting Vicki's image for the show.

We have the honor of accepting our second grant from the Robert McMillen Foundation. Our grant writer, Sawyer Coleman deserves huge kudos for this effort. Not only are we funded to work with our Adult Legacy project but there are funds designated to add our released adults to the Soul Collection. The cost of enlarging and mounting these pieces is now covered and we are most grateful to Sawyer and of course to the McMillen Foundation.

Lovely donations have been arriving in memory of Donald Ihry and his daughter Deena. Its always confirms the work of this foundation when a family that we have served graciously helps support our mission with this type of memorial giving. We are most grateful and we will use the funds to serve the new families that we are currently booking.

We are busy planning our 5Th Anniversary and hope you have the date of February 6Th on your calendar to come join us in celebration of all our families and the photographers, donors, and volunteers who make this work possible. We will have a very special Valentine art sale that day which is being coordinated by Babs Glover. For a mere $10 you will be able to purchase an original work of art in the form of a Valentine crated by many supporting artists. If you are the artist type and would like to create for this event please contact us, or if you have artist friends please let them know about this effort. This week the big news about the upcoming celebration is that we received a grant from Nintendo to help fund the celebration. We are sincerely appreciative and humbled by the surprise of this generous support.

The Artist Sale was successful beyond our dreams and in this dim economy the support came shining through--- we increased our gross sales by 25%. Kari, our event coordinator did a bang-up job and the artists created items that were stunning. We sold many raffle tickets and we thank Jane Johnson and Betsy Brown for the art quilt that helped increase our tickets sales. Again we want to remember to support the Ballard Market and Ballard Tully's. Having the sale announced on the Ballard Market reader board for a week before the sale was incredible and the Tully's coffee was enjoyed by our shoppers. Next year we hope to add our friend Kristin to the list of artists, she is making adorable skirts for kids and she is pictured here today in one of the Legacy shots we took for her and her son. We are most thankful to the blessings that come when our Soul subjects survive and its especially gratifying when they join in the cause. Those of you who baked cookies, stood for hours in the cold to greet people or were volunteers in any capacity, we thank you and we send thoughts of love and peace, Lynette and all of Soulumination