Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Opening today's paper I breezed through as I have so little time for indulgences right now and a photo in the obituary section caught my eye and I took a second look to discover it was the father of one of the women who inspired me to form the Adult Legacy portion of Soulumination. Don Ihry was a handsome man and his smile just stopped me and I read about his loving family and his accomplishments, I ended the reading crying and shaking as Soulumination was listed as one of the two places to donate in his honor. This thoughtfulness by a family that we have served moves in so many ways. His daughter Deena was one amazing woman and I am so sad that her beautiful daughters have now lost their grandpa. I send love, peace and sympathy to this family, in their loss they are helping us provide comfort and meaningful legacy for other.

The wreath work party last night yielded incredible holiday decorations and we have already sold a number of them as they are truly works of art. I thank all who lent their amazing talent and their beautiful greens from Dunn Gardens, Steve DeRouix and Kurt and Leah Smith and a number of contributing artists.

I wrote about my young friend Grant who is a new artist to the sale this year and we are all thrilled with his pre-sale efforts. His mom has contacted her friends via email and encouraged attendance or raffle ticket purchases or donations and he is already bringing in funds. His mom says he is giving a presentation at his school about the show. Grant is a shining star for us right now and it will be so fun to see people view his art.

Kari is doing an outstanding job running this sale while Sarah is hard at work maintaining the daily operations of Soul and lending a big hand to Kari. We are blessed by their hard work and the work so many volunteers. See you on Saturday or Sunday.

Tomorrow I take a quick break to go get my haircut at my spot for over 20 years, Salon Metro. The owner Cindy has had this wild hair to deal with all that time and this year she joins us in the Artist Sale with her amazing scarves that are pictured here today.

I will close with one more thank you to the clients of my business who have been so very generous with donations, you honor me with your generosity. In love and peace, Lynette