Saturday, December 05, 2009

The energy from the artists that have set up their amazing work in the studio and garage now flows through my home and of course its hard to sleep with all that power in my space so once again I am up early reflecting on the magic that surrounds Soul. Our friend and Soul photographer, Jodi Rosen will be shooting tomorrow at Seattle Children's while supporters come to buy and finance her efforts. I am so thankful that Jodi is willing to volunteer in this busy season.

I want to thank especially my friend Mary Anne Martin, owner of Paint the Town who has donated her amazing paper bowls to this sale. She is selling the bowls at the Mrs Cooks but so generously donated them to us. Also my mushroom buddy and dear friend Patrice Benson took time in her busy life to make charming felt mushroom ornaments and donate them to the sale. I am blessed in so many ways and these blessing often support Soul.

Big hugs to Sandra Coan for her Santa photo project which landed us a donation of over $400, we are so thankful for her work for Soul. She is one talented and lovely person, just like all our photographers and we are so thankful.

My young friend Grant has now raised over $300 in donations and his wild and fantastic creations will fly out the door once the sale opens today. I feel like a proud Auntie, he is one special kiddo and I am so hopeful that he will agree to create for us in the future.

My daughter Lew flew home from Spokane to work at the sale today, ahh she is a sweet one. McKenzie checking in regularly from California. I am a lucky mom.

Huge thanks to all the volunteers who have baked and hauled and created and done any chore we asked. It takes a village to support Soul and we are blessed with that our village is built on love and dedication. Today the angel babies are forefront in my thoughts and I look at their faces on my walls and reflect and rejoice that we have met and become friends of so many amazing families. We checked yesterday and we have served approximately 500 families in these first years of Soul. So now I write one more prayer and spin it in Chris' beautiful prayer wheels and hope that today brings love and joy to all who attend this Artist Sale, in love and peace, Lynette