Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Artist Sale was a great success, not only financially but through making new contacts throughout the community and reconnecting with our Soul families who attended. We are tired but ecstatic over the fact that we saw a significant growth in sales. It was a coming together of talent that really had pizazz. It was so much fun to watch our youngest artist, Grant, sell out both days, he is pictured today in a quick snapshot by our photographer Kurt Smith. All of the wreaths sold in the first day so we want to double our production next year, if you want to help on that front please let us know. We will need more sources for donated greens so keep us in mind for prunings and if you know of anyone with property who would share please help us get in touch with them. Thanks to all who made purchases and to the volunteers and artists for working so hard to help us continue this mission. Please support Ballard Market and Tully's Coffee for their generous help.

Yesterday Jodi dropped off the disc from her latest shoot and while she was here I got a call from Children's and she turned around and went back out to shoot again. We are blessed by her talent and participation in our work. We also received requests yesterday for 3 other shoots and are working on a special Soul project for the son of my friend Vicki who helped inspire the Adult Legacy Project for Soul. We are really busy and so thankful that funds are coming in from the most recent newsletter to allow us to move forward. I will do one of the shoots at Children's on Friday and Sarah will work to book the other two today.

It was our company and Soul staff party last night and I had purchased the dinner at the Camp Agape auctions so we were served the most amazing Greek food by three lovely Greek chefs. One of the referrals for a shoot came from these ladies. This dinner is paid for by yours truly in honor of my mom who was one of our biggest fans and financial supporters. It was nice to honor mom, support Camp Agape and treat the amazing women that work around me to a fun evening of chit chat and great food.

Don't forget to use www.Goodshop.com for your holiday online purchases. Truly it costs you nothing and benefits Soul if you just type in Soulumination as your charity of choice. I know a lot of us use Amazon for Christmas purchases and they are part of the goodshop network so please consider this shopping option.

I sold all of my luminarias and most of everything else I made for the sale, so please keep saving those 'painted' tin cans for me please and any empty Arizona Ice Tea cans would be lovely too. I can use small mint or candy tins with a lid. My heartfelt thanks for those who gave tins this year.

Off to the races, in love and peace, Lynette