Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Yesterday afternoon brought three very special visitors to this office. Jenna's parents and little brother came by to bring a stack of the most touching and lovely prayer flags for our 5th Anniversary celebration. They will be added to the strings as they are sewn together and they really are knock outs. There were 3 flags made by Jenna's little brother, including one with his handprint. As I looked through them I got such a sense of Jenna's spirit, she was a dancer, Tinkerbell and a light for her family and friends. We are so honored to know that these flags will be a part of the strings that will welcome you to the day of remembrance and celebration. Please be thinking of making your own flags and remember that they can honor anyone that is a part of your heart, but especially those Soul has touched. If you need fabric or paints please get in touch and we can provide you with materials. We have kits that are being used by schools, Girl Scouts, art groups and many friends and we would welcome the chance to have your touch on this project. I am sharing photos of Jenna here today and you can see for yourself the radiant beauty that Michael caught in December 2008. Jenna died in January and we honor her today for the grace that surrounds her memory and the fact that her family shared with us in a way that binds us together in celebrating her life and the lives of all children and parents of Soulumination. We would love to have your flags by January 15 and please mark you calendars to join us on February 6th.

We are all working hard to make this years Artist Sale even more successful as its been an event that brings together a loving and giving community around the work of Soulumination. Please consider attending as there are so many beautiful and affordable gift ideas and 25% of each purchase is donated by the artists to Soul. We will also be selling our own Soul products and of course 100% of that money will be used to work with new families. Many caring hands come together at the Artist Sale and we are thankful for each artist, volunteer and shopper who helps make the work of Soulumination possible.

I am still on that sweet high from visiting Children's for the Halloween Party last Friday. As a child and even still I have a sweet tooth and I often indulge in cupcakes or cookies and get a bit lightheaded from the sugar. I only ate one small bat cookie at Children's so it wasn't that sweetness that remains, but the same bit of euphoria comes over me when I think of the smiling faces when they saw the ever-popular Mariner Moose. How sweet it is............

Our board meets tonight and we will start the process of stuffing the envelopes for the fall newsletter. We are again honored to have Lori Sawyer creating this newsletter and in doing so I think of the beautiful twins that she lost and how they brought her to be a beloved part of the work of Soulumination. It was recently Joseph's and Molly's birthday and we are so thankful for the generous support from their grandmother and from Lori and Ben.

In love and peace, Lynette