Saturday, November 14, 2009

The work of Soulumination is done with heart and takes a special individual to agree to step forward to volunteer as a photographer. We are often called to Seattle Children's when life support is being withdrawn so the parents can be gifted with photos of their beautiful children without all the tubes and connections to machines. Speaking from experience, it requires you to step outside the comfort zone of this society and enter sacred ground. I want to thank all the amazing photographers who honor the families of Soulumination with dignity and grace and especially Aaron who was at the hospital yesterday. My body shakes with emotion and grief that comes with thinking of the loss of another child as I type these words. The work of our many photographers allows me to move forward for Soul and to share this profound experience rather than trying to answer each call myself. As the holiday celebrations are nearly upon us I want to be especially thankful for the gift of the shared talent of Soulumination.

I also want to thank our supporters who are part of the genius of Pearl Jam. The band and our friends Ashley and Mike and their children are in Australia and Ashley has been working her magic generously from abroad. She emailed to let me know that she is going to try to get our Artist Sale information on the bands website and she and Mike are generously hosting my daughter McKenzie and her friends at the concert that is happening right now. I got a call at midnight last night from one excited daughter and her guy telling me that they were just stepping out the door to go meet up with Mike before the concert. Its not often that a middle-aged mom can help 'wow' young people across the globe, but Ashley and Mike have such big hearts that they have taken the time to remember that Mac is living abroad and have been more than gracious in their of what is most likely the concert experience of a lifetime for Mac and her friends. I am so grateful for this support and friendship.

I have three more days of shooting before we leave for our annual Mexico vacation. As my shooting year draws to a close I am thankful for all the parents that allow me to record their children year after year. Its my job but it is really my joy as it frankly allows me to be a part of the growth and maturing of hundred of youngsters who radiate their unique charms and talents. I often say that I will know many who change this world for the better and I will feel a tiny part of their success as these children grow to make a difference. The support of my clients and friends allowed for the formation of Soulumination and they continue to be the backbone of the giving that allows us to continue with this work of legacy.

We are trying to spread the word about the Artist Sale and we hope that not only is in the information going to be on the Pearl Jam website, but also in the St Joseph's school bulletin as I recently helped them with a very successful fund raising effort. We have applied to have the sale announced on the reader board of Ballard Market who has generously supplied us with shopping bags each year. I have included the information on my holiday mailing for my business which goes out to 2000 families next week and each artist is contacting their friends and supporters. Please help us make this show be the most profitable yet for Soul so that we can be available for each family that asks for photographs. If you can not attend you can purchase raffle tickets here at the Soul website-- we were so excited to receive our first order for those yesterday from a supporter in Maryland.

Someone left a comment on the blog yesterday that our links to archives of the blog are not working. I have noticed that in the past but you can get to older missives by clicking on one to the right at the top of the blog and from there I have been able to scroll back into the writings of the past.

Tonight Doug and I attend the open house at Soul shooter Sandra Coan's new studio. She is the photographer that is doing Santa Photos that will benefit Soul. Plus another Soul shooter, Deena Hofstad as just told us that she will be sending her donation from Halloween photos that she did for her clients. It is awesome that those who work so lovingly for Soul also work to fund the project.

Now its time for me to try to get back to sleep, in love and peace, Lynette