Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am working with 5 long-term clients today to wrap up this year of photographing for my business. Doug and I fly to Mexico tomorrow and will be joined by Lew on Saturday. The last shoot yesterday was for a friend and client whose exit included a most generous check for Soulumination. It has been so great to watch her 2 sons grow up and I know I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with all my families, many of them whose contributions are the backbone of Soul funding. It takes a village for Doug and I to go on vacation so I thank our cat sitter, house sitters, my staff who will finish numbering and billing the shoots of the past week, and the Soul staff who will be working so hard to bring the Artist Sale to fruition.

Sarah got a call yesterday for 2 new families and was finishing up the photos for the 20-some families that Liz and I worked with at the Halloween Party at Seattle Children's. I see that Michael is already scheduled to shoot for us next week and we are working with a new family whose father passed away to create some beautiful legacy items for them.

We have a number of new artists for Soul this year and one of them is my 10 year old client and artist friend, Grant Comick. I am the proud owner of two of Grant's creations and I am so excited to welcome him as a Soul artist. His bio follows:

Hi everyone! I’m 10 years old and a fourth grader at Westside School in West Seattle. I like making these really cool pipe cleaner guys. (I’m still working on a name for them). As a kindergartener, I started making these guys at a friend’s house when her mom handed us a bunch of pipe cleaners and said ‘have fun.’ Well, I got hooked on them and haven’t stopped since. My guys are a combination of Star Wars’ characters and mythical creatures from books I have read. I hope you enjoy them as much as I like making them."

I feel that Grant's work is mythical folk art and they have a magic quality about them. I share a photo here today of not only the work but of Grant himself. He is a kindred spirit. He is just one of the hundreds of children who are a part of my life and my work and I am so thankful for the place they have opened up in my heart.

We are receiving lovely donations from our recent newsletter. Thank you all for your generosity and support. Please remember to use Goodshop when ordering online as each purchase you make generates funds for our mission if you take the time to list Soulumination as your charity of choice. Our services are called on each week and its calming to know that we have funds to support this work of legacy. In love, peace and thanksgiving, Lynette