Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yesterday afternoon our intern Jackie and I met a new family to Soulumination. Their beautiful daughter (pictured above) Elliott has been recently diagnosed with Tay Sachs. Elliott and her family are really quite something and the fact that I have met and worked with so many Tay Sachs children lets me connect them with other families across the country for advice and support as they begin the journey that Tay Sachs presents. Elliott's big sister is quite something and the family is a beautiful and insightful unit.

Jackie is working on a senior project and is helping us to get the portraits of the Tay Sachs children presented in a local exhibition. It was touching to see Jackie holding Elliott and watch her observe the vivacious older sister because Jackie was the sister's age when I first met and photographed her and they have a similar way of relating to the world with self confidence and enthusiasm.

On Monday, Sarah and I attended the luncheon for Hope Link in Bellevue and were privileged to meet Lisa Ling. Sarah told her about Soulumination and we were so pleased that she asked for our card. The speakers and the entire presentation were wonderful and I am sure the fund raising was a great success.

Later in the evening on Monday I spoke at to a group called Mama's with Cameras. They are a group of young women who meet to learn how to take better photos. I was honored to talk to them and share some of the things I have picked up over the years that work for me with a camera. They wanted me to tell about the work of Soulumination and that is an emotional topic for all parents and I thank them for letting me tell about this blessed work. I am hoping that we can welcome their group to Soul headquarters when we have our next album making work party as they seemed such a supportive and helpful bunch of women. There is one member who is starting a photography business and Sarah and I are hoping she will become one of our photographers. I am posting a photo today that was taken at the meeting by member Lynn Treadwell, as you can see I had one of the Soul Collection photos by my side and its fitting that it is of Conner Hopf as it was his mom who connected us with our new pal Elliott.

A most touching donation arrived last night via PayPal explaining that it was in honor of Beth. I share these words that came with the gift: "My dear friend Beth is celebrating her birthday in Heaven today. I wanted to honor her beautiful memory by contributing to your organization so that others can have the joy that Beth had when she viewed the beautiful photos that Soul took of her and her family....including her dog, Charlie! I watched the DVD of photos countless times during Beth's last days...they truly gave her such joy and they are giving continued joy to her family and friends now. Thank you for your is truly a blessing!" I believe that is the 21st person to donate in Beth's honor, amazing and so helpful for us.

Now time to get to work as I have three family shoots today for my business before the work party that Babs is hosting here to assemble the Valentine's that the Soul kiddos painted for the 5th Anniversary Celebration. In love and peace, Lynette