Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We received releases from the family of Beth who has inspired giving from across the country. The donations have continued to arrive and we are touched by the love that surrounds Beth and we are so grateful for the support. Enjoy this lovely woman, in her passing there is such loss but through her thoughtfulness she is making it possible for the work of Soul to continue. Many thanks to Teddi for the beautiful photos and to our volunteers who help make the gifts for the families.

The vice president of our board did an emergency run to Children's last night to work with a baby boy and in the late evening she sent me a few shots so I could meet this beautiful baby also. I want to thank Randell for the incredible job she did and give her public kudos for dropping everything and being there ready to shoot in a short 2 hours.

I was able to meet one of our newer photographers, Gabe who dropped off a disc today. His work is stunning and we are most honored to have him on 'staff'.

Daniel and Nancy have completed shoots recently also and we are so excited about their work.

Its been a very busy week already and we are looking forward to the work party this Sunday at Seattle Prep. Its a very big undertaking and Sawyer and his mother Pat are really going to town on the build up for this one. Kari is working an extra day just to get all the supplies ready. We are thinking that many items for the Artist Sale will be completed at this event as well as gifts for our Soul families.

Have to run, in love and peace, Lynette