Monday, October 19, 2009

Today Sarah and I have the opportunity to meet Lisa Ling at a fund raiser. I have taken a few minutes to brush up on her accomplishments and am impressed with the reach of this young vibrant woman. But my heart is full and I can't stop crying this morning over the fact that once again dear friends have taken their precious time to work for Soul. Last night Sawyer Coleman and his mom Pat Fallon hosted a work party at Seattle Prep High School. There was a wonderful turnout and so many projects were completed. But I want to thank my dear friends, Sidni Sobolik, Deb Hamby, Elaine Tran, Stephanie Simpson, Hayley Uhm, Matt Kochel and my own ever patient husband for taking time to attend and lead the volunteers. Soul's volunteer coordinator and my long time friend Kari Bishay did an incredible job of organizing the projects. Sawyer and Pat really put their hearts into this and I am so grateful. I know that everyone of the people I mention have so many things that are pressing in their lives, but time after time they give Soulumination their attention.

The students and the parents of Seattle Prep really have given Soul their hearts now for a second time. It was so great to see Sawyer's football pals wearing the floral print aprons that I made a few years ago for the 6-Word Memoir party. The Fallon/Coleman family has been just plain incredible and of course last night our beloved Brenna was with us in spirit as she called her mom from her new college home in Berkeley to check in. Dad and husband, Dan Coleman spent the entire evening quietly taking the labels off of wine bottles so they can be ready to make holiday lights at one of our next work parties. Just days ago we mailed in the grant application that Sawyer put together and now we wait in hopes that the Legacy Project of Soul will find funding through his tireless efforts.

Sometimes at weddings Sarah and I will give out imaginary awards because we like something so much, so this morning I have created an award in my heart and it goes to those individuals mentioned above and it has tiny angel wings and hearts and joy and it is theirs to wear with pride. I appreciate their efforts so very much. I realize that Lisa Ling will make a global impact but I know that the friends who give are no less important and their quiet ways of making a difference really do matter.

Still the tributes to Beth keep arriving. I wrote her husband yesterday to tell him that eventually he will receive a list of those who have given in her honor but he will have to wait just a bit longer as tribute donations are still arriving. His response was so tender and heartfelt that I read it last night to the young people who were working so hard to create gifts for Soul families. I am sharing a photo of Beth and her husband here today.

Now back to work as there is just so much happening. Sarah mentioned as she left work on Thursday that she has 6 new families to book. I reassured her that it is only 5 as I am going to work with a new family that has the shattering news of a Tay Sachs diagnosis for their one year old daughter. Given my contacts with the NTSAD, I know this family will find love and support showered upon them. Of course nothing can dull the reality of this disease but at least I know that other families will reach out to help them find the way through the months ahead. I salute the other photographers who will take the time and effort to create lasting memories for five other families. In love and peace, Lynette