Monday, October 05, 2009

As a child I remember that my Uncle Don and Auntie Viv were beautiful and sparkling people, they radiated charm and appeal and I was so sad when my Uncle died of skin cancer when I was about 7 years old. My Auntie Viv stayed close to our family even though she was a busy working single mom of two children. Viv and my mom were best friends. I thought Vivian was the nicest and most beautiful aunt and it was so much fun when in the summertime this little farm girl got to come to Seattle and stay with her and my cousins in Innis Arden. They had magic things like an ice cream truck that came by their house.

Through the years Vivian was a role model for me and all her nieces. She worked hard at a law firm for her boss Bill Helsell whose son had graduated from Lakeside with my Doug. We became friends with Bill's son when he moved to Port Townsend and you can imagine my delight when after so many years alone my Aunt married Bill. Vivian was retired by the time of their marriage and it was so great to watch them take off on travels around the globe.

When we moved to Ballard it put us nearly in their neighborhood and Doug and I enjoyed a couple of dinners out with them since our move and in the last 2 years I have had time with my beautiful aunt. She has always loved Doug and is truly a fan of my daughters. She was also a supporter of Soulumination and I was truly touched by her generosity to Soul. Early this morning my Auntie Viv died and with her goes a piece of my heart, but with me are memories that will inspire me to my life's end. She was on hospice care for months and she would call and chat and I could go over and just spend precious time with her. She never once complained and every time I saw her I would be asked to give a complete update on my girls. I would tease her and tell her that she had been gifted with 2 of the best husbands I have ever known, not to mention my cousins Brad and Pam, her beloved children. In one of my last visits she told me she was an imposter. She said that once you were on hospice you were supposed to get worse and die, but she lived many months and was surrounded by so many visitors that you had to make an appointment with Bill just to get in to see her. An imposter no more, but a guiding force for many. I love her and I will miss her. She is pictured here today in photos that I took at a gathering I hosted for her here in our courtyard in 08.

Contributions are still arriving in memory of the mom we lost a few weeks ago. It is astonishing and so beautiful to see that her friends from around the country have take up the idea of supporting our work. We will honor the memory of this fine woman with shoots for our new families.

Sarah received a call for an emergency shoot today at Seattle Children's and once again our new photographer, Nancy took it on and we got to see the results of her work this afternoon. Nancy is amazing and gets us the disc within hours of her shoot. This little baby boy was just so beautiful and the photos are truly stunning of him with each loving member of his family. We will give dear Nancy a break for a while as she has done so much for us in her first months with Soul. It takes time for each of us to process and get settled after our Soul shoots and she has given from her heart so freely.

I will share with you soon the amazing wedding of our board member Kelly and her new husband Yom from this past weekend in Arizona. There was a moment of remembrance for our mutual friend Julie Becker at the start of the ceremony and I felt so thankful to a part of this circle of friends. But tonight I will close as I want to go make some tiny books of photos of my aunt to share with my cousins. In love and peace, Lynette