Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We had a work party last night to assemble new banners that will be for sale at the Artist Sale on Dec 5 and 6th. You can see a sample, but they come in assorted color schemes, this is only one of many. It was a productive evening and I am so thankful for all the help. Our friend and accountant, Jenni did the design for the banner and we are so thankful for her devotion to our mission. Our new board president, Matt Kochel and his stunning family joined us for the evening--wife, mom and his charming daughter were all in attendance. Matt's mom brought three incredibly beautiful sheets of paper that were donated by Merchant's in Kent. The paper will be used to create the photo albums for our families, so if you are in need of invitations we of course recommend you keep this supporter of Soul in mind. Finally, Kari did a grand job of organizing the evening, we have many more to assemble to reach our goal of 125 so watch for further work party notifications. The banners are really amazing and will make great gifts, they will be packaged and perfect for giving. I am sure that if you would like one sooner than December that Sarah could arrange a time for you to pick them up, I think they are selling for $15 per set, plus tax of course. All the money goes directly to the mission of Soulumination.

We are still receiving donations in memory of the mom that lost her battle with cancer. Another thank you for this generous response to her request for donations to this little cause of ours.

On Friday morning Doug and I leave for a quick trip to Arizona for Kelly and Yom's wedding. Their nuptials are also gathering donations for Soul and we are thrilled about this. I am most honored to record this event and it will be nice to get some hot dry weather before the rains of the NW set in here for the long haul of fall and winter.

I got an email from a woman who admires the work of Soulumination and she asked that we hold her niece in our hearts as she is undergoing tests tomorrow that sound very serious indeed. She requested prayers so if you are a prayerful person please embrace this teenager named Kelly and lets send her many hopes for good news as she starts her tests. They will be conducted at Johns Hopkins and I know that is an amazing place and that her care will be of the highest order.

Sarah interviewed another volunteer photographer today and we are both excited to welcome Karen Carter-Schwendler to our mission. We are so proud of the amazing talent that surrounds us. We just received the prints from the latest shoot by my friend and former bride, Heather Baker. She did an excellent job of recording a christening ceremony for a new Soul child.

Now I must get back to my evening chores. In love and peace, Lynette