Saturday, September 12, 2009

Its such beautiful weather today and I am just heading up to change my clothes for a wedding. Things are hopping here at Soul Ballard with lots of work parties scheduled and new families being served each week.

In the past weeks 2 new Soul photographers, Walter and Scott have had their first shoots and Randell and Leo have just completed work with new families. I have seen a few shots from Scott and Randell and the work is superb. I am so thankful and proud of our photographers.

One of our shooters, Tara Clark has a lovely show up at Victrola on Capitol Hill and Walter Grio is hanging a show to benefit Soul at Gossemer Gallery. The opening is this coming Friday and I am posting the information here today. We would love to see you on the 18th. There will be a raffle and Sarah and I will be in attendance.

This time of year is really my busiest as we are still in wedding season and its also the time of year that I photograph the majority of my family clients. Its been great with the good weather and its always such fun to see the growth and changes in each family. I have been working on a big project up at St. Joe's school in my old hood on Capital Hill besides the usual work so I have been burning the candle. I am so thankful to Olga who is working with me on this project as she is sending out a mass email that describes the work of Soulumination to each family that attends the school as well as to some parishoners. Its so important that people are aware of the work of Soul and that we build an ever broader base of support. You can imagine that the financial times are a little stressful for a non profit, but with your help we are able to serve every family that calls.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend. Tomorrow Doug and I are going bowling with our Soul pals, Sarah and her mom and Charlotte's family, don't tell Sarah but I am going to wear my lovely black tutu since last time I was in jeans and way underdressed since Sarah was wearing a pink lace formal to bowl. Life is good, but I miss my girls. In love and peace, Lynette