Thursday, September 24, 2009

Its late, I am tired but it felt as if I needed to start a new entry. We continue to receive donations in memory of the beautiful mom that I mentioned previously. Our past board president, Lori Sawyer emailed in a few days ago to ask if by chance we had served this woman as her son happens to be a classmate of this Soul mom's son. It seems impossible that we are so interconnected but its so beautiful that we were able to be of service and provide memories. I received notice of another donation just minutes ago from this woman's parents and I wanted to share their simple and soulful words: "Please accept this donation in memory of B-. We are B-'s parents and want to thank you for the most beautiful pictures. We will always treasure them."

I am thankful tonight to Sawyer and his mom Pat who are working hard to write a grant to continue growing this legacy project. In starting the Legacy project to serve parents at the end of their lives who are leaving behind juvenile children we were stepping into new territory. We now have a flyer and a poster to promote this work thanks to a lot of effort by board members Kelly and Brenda.

As I type these words I think of Julie, Vicki and Deena who inspired the project, but I also look above my desk and see the recent obituaries for a former bride, and two other young moms who were clients of mine. All of these women had such beauty and grace and they help show me that we must patiently move forward in this expansion of Soul. In a few days I will get to see the twin sons of one of these women. I have been photographing them since they were tiny and their mom was very special to me. I can hear her voice if I quietly think of her and I hope she and all the others know that we miss them and we will try to honor them by providing photos for others.

Time for bed and hopefully sweet dreams, but I wanted to mention that our friend and Soul dad, Matt Kochel is our new board president. We also say goodbye to board members and fabulous friends Mark Hamby and Deb Eberhart who have completed their terms with the board. I am so thankful for the work and support that both gave to Soulumination. In love and peace, Lynette