Sunday, September 20, 2009

I just walked in the door from a quick visit with Llewelyn and Mike in Spokane and turned on my computer to find three lovely donations in memory of one of our recent Soul legacy moms. I received an email from this beautiful woman on July 8Th asking about the possibility of a home portrait. She let me know that she was on hospice and wondered if we would be available for her. Teddi took her photos on August 9Th and a few days ago we were all so sad to hear of the loss of this stunning person. Here at the office we took time to go through the photos and just enjoy her beauty and Teddi's lovely portraits. We are saddened by this loss and we feel so touched to have received at least 7 donations in her honor and I suspect that two more that came through PayPal on the same day may well be in memory of her also. We will honor this woman and use these funds to continue to provide legacy photos in her memory. Our hearts are with her husband and son.

The wonderful exhibit of Walter Grio's photos that is benefiting Soulumintion will be up at the Gossamer Gallery at 1406-18th Avenue for another month. Please think about taking a look at his work and tell your friends as its lovely. Walter is a gem and we are so thankful for his efforts to help Soul move forward with funding. His 4 year old niece created some wonderful cards that she personally sold at her uncle's show and we are thankful for the fact that she was also willing to generously share her talent.

The Husky victory was so sweet on Saturday and I am hopeful that the CD "Husky Nation" may once again start selling at a brisk pace. We will hopefully be allowed to restock the Husky stores, but of course you can always get copies by calling us here at 206-297-0885 or by ordering on line. You can see at the top of this blog a photo of my Soul pal Chris with Jake Locker when we did promo shots for the DVD. The force behind Husky Nation, Alex Mercier has some great new songs of his own that are featured on UTube, check him out.

On Monday, August 14th we got an emergency call from Children's Hospital about a 17 year old that might have only a day to live with his heart condition taking the ultimate toll on this young life. I am so proud to say that Nancy was not only able to respond to this call, but she had the disc to us later that day. I am moved by the way our photographers use their talents not only with skill but with heart and sacrifice of their personal time. It looks as if Gabriel is scheduled for a shoot this Wednesday and so the work goes forward.

The economy makes me worried some days as its just a hard time to be raising funds. I look at Sarah's desk and there are a dozen framed photos and boxes of the bracelets created in memory of Blake ready to be sent to new families of Soul. We are busy indeed and I couldn't be more thankful to Walter, to the family of the Soul mom mentioned above for caring enough to have her memorials be directed toward our mission and to the Huskies for allowing us to be a part of the victory with the CD sales. These people all make it possible for us to honor the families of Soulumination. In love and peace, Lynette