Thursday, August 06, 2009

Its interesting trying to run a non profit during this time of economic upheaval and I can see that we need to be careful with our spending and ingenious with our fund raising. In reading the morning paper I saw that some US automakers will be selling new cars on EBay. It got me thinking about GoodShop. They really do send us checks when you shop through their site and list Soulumination when they ask "who do you goodshop for?". It costs you nothing but a second to go through the Goodsearch site and a percentage of every purchase in the stores listed comes our way. Stores that I know many of us use are: Amazon, eBay, Nordstrom, Gap, Target, Barnes and Noble...the list goes on and on, if you could please do on-line shopping through this site it would enable us to continue serving each and every family who requests photos. By the stats listed for Soul, I can tell I am almost the only one shopping this way and I can't be the only person buying things online so please consider this for Soul-- it costs you nothing but a few extra seconds to go through Goodsearch.

We are starting to gather prayer flags for the 5th anniversary celebration for next February. I worked with our friends from Japan to make a number of them last Monday and my hopes are that we can encourage all friends and supporters of Soul to either create some on their own or come to future workshops or maybe best of all contact us for a kit to take to your child's classroom, to your book club, to any group that you think would enjoy creating some unique prayer flags.

I have contacted Kiel Reijnen who rides bikes professionally for Jelly Belly. He is the brother of Janus to whom we dedicate the work of Soul. I have asked him to save his biking numbers from the races and sign them with messages suitable for prayer flags. He is going to ask his teammates to join in so feel free to be creative with what a prayer flag can be, keeping to a rough size of 5 by 7 up to the size of the numbers from various races. I am thinking that the race numbers that will work are on tyvek, paper would disintegrate so fast that I hope we can avoid paper for this project. We have thousands of rectangles of fabric already cut by my wonderful secretary Diane so we can provide you with needed materials in kit form or just blank fabric.

I feel that these flags can honor anyone, or any idea, or contain a prayer or just offer hope and beauty. Any appropriate message or symbol for the work of Soul is welcomed. Our goal is to cover the courtyard here in Ballard with these works of remembrance and celebration. I am sharing today a photo of my pals from Japan who came and created over 30 stunning flags. Missing from the photo is their brother Andrew who was home in Japan studying. These are the same kids who have run a lemonade stand to benefit Soul the past 2 summers.

Many thanks to Emmett, the twin brother of Soul angel Mercer, for encouraging his pals to donate on his birthday. We are touched and honored to be the recipient of such kindness. This generosity will benefit new Soul families.

As always, huge thanks to Soul shooters who have been working with new clients. I have recently enjoyed viewing new work by: Susan, Nancy, Deena, Stephanie and Jodi. I believe that Dawn is scheduled for this weekend and I have a new Soul family in a week from today.

Llewelyn and Mike are now in a wonderfully charming apartment in Spokane. Llew spent 9 hours in training sessions yesterday for the Red Cross, so things are moving forward quickly for her. I miss that girl and her sister but love that we have cell phones and skype. I am a blessed mom. Now off to 'work', what a joy to be seeing my long time clients each day its a delight to record how the children are growing and changing. I am so excited for this weekends wedding as its the daughter of a friend that I met through the Fran Nordstrom Guild of Seattle Children's. The threads of my life and my work weaving into a wonderful fabric, in love and peace, Lynette