Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Its the busy time of year with lots of weddings and families to photograph and I find myself rushing around in the sun. Its also hectic here at the office where Sarah and Elaine are working very hard to keep up with all the new Soul families from Camp Agape and the new families that we have been working with at Children's Hospital.

Our good friend, Channon is back in the hospital for the week and her parents sent out the following request:" Tomorrow morning Channon will go into the hospital (Seattle Children's Hospital) for EEG testing. She has many different types of seizures and is currently on 3 different types of anti-seizure medications and none are working. She is a inspiration to us all because she continues to fight the good fight and bounces back each and every time. I am asking the saints of God to pray and fast with me. Pick a day to join me in prayer,fasting and meditation for her complete and total healing. We check-in at 9:30am. I will remain at the hospital with her for the complete 7 days. Please forward to all saints, prayer warriors and intercessors. We know a breakthrough is near. Giving all honor and glory to our living God. " Erva Hopson.

Doug and I are helping Llewelyn and Mike move to Spokane this weekend and now I am starting to feel the empty nest that generally hits at the start of college time. With McKenzie in Perth and now Lulu moving across the state I realize just how great it has been to have them within a few hours of travel or just on the other side of town. We so hope that someday both girls will return to the northwest.

We have been serving many new families and I want to thank Stephanie and Jodi who both had shoots yesterday, Kelly Chandler who is our newest photographer(and proudly another former bride of mine) did her first shoot and it looks incredible, plus Susan, Nancy and Deena have all been hard at work for Soul families.

I visited the Seattle Children's on the day of record heat and was honored to work with a lovely baby girl. Her parents were so tender and she was quickly stole my heart. We all go in with a professional attitude but its hard not to let yourself feel the love and pride that the parents exhibit. We have wonderful mentors at Children's and they help us keep our balance.

I have to get to my first shoot, but thanks so much to all of you who have donated this past week, after sharing the check and post-it note a few days ago I see that people are understanding that we are thrilled with giving at any level and we will honor your gifts by doing our best to serve each family with care and compassion. In love and peace, Lynette