Sunday, August 16, 2009

In my last post I ended with the fact that I was going to shoot a wedding for a bride that I met when she was tiny. I was a new mom who had moved to the big city of Seattle from Port Townsend and friends of my in-laws helped me join a guild at Seattle Children's to meet other moms and help raise funds for uncompensated care. I was introduced to the members of the Fran Nordstrom Guild and the women proved to be some of the best fund raisers and biggest supporters that the hospital has ever known. My new friends were sophisticated and swell and I was always the offbeat artist member, a little disheveled compared to their fashionable styles. These women have been steadfast clients and supporters and have cheered me on through the formation of Soulumination. The bride is the daughter of my friend Teresa and her husband Chip who knock me out with their devotion to their own family and to Children's.

It was truly an honor to be the one selected to record the wedding. The weather could not have been more beautiful and the couple was stunning and their love and devotion were evident. The bride's maids were beautiful and the groomsmen were full of energy and both groups of young people obviously loved this couple. Watching these young people and recording them made me realize that they are the future of Seattle Children's. They have been given the example of how important it is to supportive and charitable. Teresa and the other mom's of the Fran Nordstrom Guild have taught their children with the finest of examples. The same mom's who were so adept at running the yearly auctions now banded together to help pull off a wedding that was perfect. From this I know that the future of philanthropy in Seattle will be in good hands.

As Sarah and I prepared to leave the wedding the bride's younger sister took time to sit down by me and ask me to be the one to record her wedding when the time comes. As I think about this and recall the fun times I have had photographing her through the years it brings me to tears. I am still the offbeat artist and I don't always fit into each situation perfectly but I do love this work and I am thankful for the opportunity to weave the pieces of my friendships, my work, my foundation and its connection to Seattle Children's into one nice tapestry. I am glad that Sarah suggested taking a photo of me with Teresa and her children. In love and peace, Lynette