Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am in the whirlwind of weddings and family photo shoots and have been working most days from morning until late at night. Its a great thing to be seeing so many long term clients and they almost always melt my heart with questions about how my girls are doing and how Soulumination is fairing. Both questions get a hardy positive response from yours truly.

Our Soul photographers have been working with skill and passion and today I will share photos of newly released children. You will be able to see more of children when you vist the gallery section of the website. We met Brandon and Jason at Camp Agape.

I see on Sarah's desk beautiful photos for three new families, one of them an adult. The work is by Teddi, Dawn and Kelly and we have another shoot in being printed that I did last Friday here at the studio. I was so charmed by the family I worked with and feel that I have a new friend in this boy. He was referred to us by my former bride, Johanna through our board member Brenda.

During the shoot the doorbell rang and much to my delight it was my pal and Doug's great bowling buddy, Sarah and her mom. It was wonderful to watch the 2 Soul kids show each other their port and nerve stimulator. I marvel at the level of comfort that the kids develop with such medical equipment being a part of their lives.

I escaped to the mountains on Monday for another mushroom outing. It was stunning up there and just the beautiful drive alone was restorative. We had been out on the hunt no more that 30 minutes when we heard numerous gun shots. They were so close that the peace and contentment was quickly replaced by heart-pounding fear. We used our whistles and our voices to let whoever was shooting know we were there and made our way back to the car to dawn brightly colored garments and settle our nerves. A family was waiting near the car and asked if we were okay, somehow I got the feeling that they had been the ones shooting. I am almost positive that there is no hunting season currently open and maybe they were practicing with targets but that haunting and scary sound ringing out so loudly was not what one would hope for in that beautiful setting. The elk that had left telltale signs were no where in sight, it seemed they shared the same concerns as Patrice and I. But we had a great day after we heard their car leave the area and I look forward to fall mushrooming in South Sound.

I have editing to do for my business so I must get to it. Oops forget, I have lost my nice red sunglasses in a hard black case, if I left them at your house please call and let me know, probably wishful thinking but I am hopeful of finding them after a month of squinting. In love and peace, Lynette