Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomorrow would have been my mom's birthday and this afternoon I headed out to Camp Agape with the financial support of a wonderful client/friend of mine, Nanette and the physical support of Soul photographers Kurt Smith and Jeremy Leffel, our administrator Sarah Landa and our TIPS intern, Elaine to shoot for a third time at this wonderful camp. We worked with 16 families and had the most amazing time. I like to think this is a fitting way to honor my mom, by sharing the gift of Soul with beautiful families. The other two years I had attended and done the bulk of the shooting myself but today it was great to have such talented friends along and to have the organizational help of Sarah and Elaine to make this a special experience. It was even great to stay and have some real camp food for dinner.

We received word today that we had lost a beautiful Soul teenager and we all send her family our deepest sympathy. I heard from one of our beloved social worker friends that this young woman loved her photos so much. I thank Amy Kiel for her lovely work with this beautiful person and her family.

A very generous check came this week from a fund that was part of the life of another stunning Soul teenager, Shayla. She is pictured here today in one of the beautiful photos taken by Leo Lam. We all feel so thankful that we were given these funds to further the work of Soul. We will honor the memory of Shay by using the funds for the new families that Sarah is currently booking.

A few weeks ago we received a check and a note that truly knocked us out. We certainly realize that especially now funds are precious and that each gift received is big and beautiful in its own right. I loved this so much that Sarah made a copy of the check and the note so I could share it here today. Please know that your support is truly appreciated.

The crazy cat that has the broken leg is being a model patient and due to meds that I need to administer, he was my guest at our cabin for three days. It was fun to have him along and see him meet his first deer from inside his dog crate that he has to call home for about 3 more weeks.

Well must try to come down from the beautiful Camp Agape experience and get some sleep, in love and peace, Lynette