Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sometimes sleep is elusive and the disruption of it caused by a noisy mosquito and loud voices from the park across the street have me up at 3am after tumbling into bed last night at midnight, tired but elated after our beautiful niece Betsy's wedding to Sam. I decided that time might be better spent editing wedding photos and writing a blog rather than fighting off the unseen noisy insect.

Just a few days ago we lost one of the little boys I met at the NTSAD conference. Cooper and his parents were very memorable as they had such a vibrancy about them. I am very sorry for this loss and send them much love and prayers for peace.

Sadly another little boy that I met along with Cooper is struggling at this time. I just checked his Caring Bridge site and he now has 24 hour nursing staff. At the conference Landin was surrounded by doting female family members including his mom, both grandmas and an auntie. May they support each other through this passage and know that many people care.

Sometimes the work of Soul takes us into places such as hospital rooms with recently bereaved families and even funeral homes. For the outside public I realize often that this seems too much to comprehend. In thinking of recent bereavement photos and trying to explain the loss of my own infant niece and the photos that were taken it is hard to put into words the value and the sacredness of such work. I just spent a few minutes refreshing myself on the beautiful work of two organizations that I highly respect and the words on each site were not only informative but very thought provoking. If you are puzzled by such work or wonder about such legacy photos, I recommend that you respectfully check out the work of Todd Hochberg, his site is Touching Souls, Healing with Bereavement Photos. Also a site that is equally worthwhile is Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. This type of work has photographers entering that sacred and holy ground where loss is the reality and grief and love reside. Please visit the sites with honor and gratitude for the privilege that these families are affording us in opening up their personal devastation to the world.

I am very touched by the fact that a recent bereavement shoot has not even been delivered but we have received 2 lovely donations to further the work on Soul in honor of the loss of this angel baby. The life of this child can not be measured in the ways many of us take for granted, but the love that surrounds her is taking the work of Soul out to new families and surely that speaks volumes about the love she generates.

Niece Betsy and Sam's wedding last night was really perfect. Betsy was my first child subject as she is a few years older than McKenzie. To record this milestone with Llewelyn assisting me was magic. Lew added a fresh young perspective to the recording of her cousins wedding and I am so thankful that somehow she managed to pull a beautiful stand of pearls that had been my moms out of her bag of tricks just as Betsy was looking for the perfect necklace to complete her ensemble. Betsy looked stunning and had real flair yesterday so to have my mom represented truly knocked my socks off. I was also in charge of flowers for the wedding and I want to thank Choice Bulb Farms for the beautiful flowers as well as Aunt Joan, cousin Tammy, sister in law Sally and Anne for their help yesterday in completing the task. All of the Johnson's lent a hand to create this day as well as many friends, it was truly a community blessing a beautiful young couple. Betsy is a regular volunteer for Soul and I share a couple of shots of the happy duo and one of the stunning bride and my youngest niece Audrey. It was Audrey's birthday yesterday and being the flower girl in this wedding seemed to be the best gift she could imagine. In love and peace, Lynette