Monday, July 06, 2009

Its a very busy week as my niece Betsy is getting married this Friday and I am in charge of photos and flowers. We are all so excited as this is the first of her generation to be married. Plus on Saturday I have my little art opening at La Tienda for the winged luminarias. I have been dreaming about creating these little pieces for about 5 years and now that they are a reality I think they are somehow a little tribute to the light of Soulumination and to all our angel babies. I will be donating to Soul with each sale so the inspiration moves us forward. If you are in Ballard this Saturday for the Art Walk, please stop by La Tienda and take a look. They will hopefully be displayed for a couple of weeks after the show, so you can stop in after the weekend also.

I share photos today that are newly released Soul children, Kathy and DeLila. They are now a part of our Soulumination gallery so you can read their bios and get to know them a bit through that part of the web site. But today I wanted to share the work of Stephanie, Amy and Susan here on the blog as I am so proud of the work of these three women.

Our Lew is flying to Spokane this morning for an Americorps interview with the Red Cross. We have our fingers crossed as Doug and I know that she would be such an asset to the work of the Red Cross. I am missing my McKenzie as the trip to Australia really was such a delight, mainly from having such quality time with both Mac and Ian. Once Lulu is settled in Spokane I know that I will be lonely for the weekly lunches at UVillage and for her wonderful attitude. Skype, emails and phone calls certainly help me stay connected with my daughters, but there is nothing like having them nearby.

My heart is with our latest Soul family and I am so thankful to Michael Good for his willingness to go to work at a moment's notice. Kurt was also willing to do this shoot as it was one very close to his heart, but with photographers we of course know that we have to work around their schedules. Losses that are part of families that are our friends are especially poignant and we are honored to have been able to be of some small service to this family.

I close with a heart that is full of hope for my Llewelyn and her future in Spokane. I am delighted to be with Betsy and Sam as they embark on the first steps in a marriage, and huge thanks to all of you who continue to support and bless this work of Soul. In love and peace, Lynette