Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its a small world and the magic of our connections sometimes amazes me. I was shooting a lovely 50Th Anniversary celebration at my friends winery last nite, J and M Cellars and one of my former grooms, Jon told me that Soulumination had done a shoot for his niece. It took my breath away to know we have served someone so close to my own life. When Jon married Diana it was a magic day, beautiful sun, kids skipping rope, the ring bearer and flower girl were already clients of mine. A few years later Jon called to ask me to photograph his son with Diana's wedding ring, unbelievably Diana had died after giving birth. Jon, with wonderful support from family and friends has raised their son into a wonderful teenager and I am so thankful to Michael Good who did a brilliant job with the photos of Jon's niece. Life just keeps reminding me that no matter how emotional this all is, we are just supposed to keep moving forward in an honorable and loving way. As I walked to my car from this event, Jon told me to tell my girls hello and reminded me that the girls put on a little play for he and Diana when they came to interview me to be their photographer.

I was up too late last night finishing a baby sweater for Lulu's college roommate's baby shower. I used to knit all the time, but frankly in my enthusiasm I made over 80 sweaters and burned myself out. Now with new babies in my life I can see that knitting is going to be on the roster. I had hoped that riding Mac's cool pink California beach bike would be the new summer thing, but after a little fall today on my second time out, I realize that I lack many of the normal skills. I don't swim well or ski or play racket sports or run, so maybe I need to be satisfied with knitting and making fun things from the recycled cans and keep to my stationary bike.

I am very excited to say that I am debuting my tin luminarias next month with a little show at La Tienda. It will coincide with the Ballard Art Walk and I am very thankful that a store that I have admired for years is willing to give my recycled art a try. I already delivered greeting cards to them and will be showing the luminarias and bead dolls the first part of July. If you are in Ballard stop by La Tienda to see what I have been babbling about and also while there walk down and give Annie's Art and Frame a little look/see as they are one of Soul's biggest supporters so we always hope we can direct customers their way.

Tomorrow will be my first mushroom foray of the year in the Cascades. I am very excited to go and Patrice's dad is in town so the camera is coming to record this fun day. Patrice and others were kind enough to go shrooming with my dad in celebration of his 80th birthday a few years back and we had such a grand time I can only hope we weave some special memories tomorrow. The next day I am slated to visit our wonderful Soul friend, Victor and his parents. I will do some updated photos for Vic and hopefully we can capture something special with his helper dog.

So I must finally get moving this morning as Doug and I are attending our pal Ellory's first birthday party. Ellory's parents, Dawnelle and Greg are amazing supporters of Soul and have asked their guests to gift Soul in honor of this birthday. I consider this family to be part of our family. I shot their wedding, Dawnelle works for me, Greg has done special videos for the Soul families and they are just multi-talented people who have the most gracious and generous way with their friends. I am honored to say that I was at the birth of both of their beautiful daughters and they knock me out with this second fund raising effort for Soul. More Aussie photos soon, just waiting for them to be back from post production work. In love and peace, Lynette

We are just home from Ellory's party and the photos posted are from the celebration.