Monday, June 29, 2009

In Saturday's mail I received three thank you notes. Many of you know how much I love snail mail and these three notes all were special and I would like to share them with you. The first was a beautiful card designed by our good friend Maude May from our cherished intern, Brenna. She was writing to thank me for a couple little graduation gifts I had given her, but she got sidetracked and wrote about working her with us at Soul. It was so refreshing to read her description of working around this nutty middle-aged photographer. I so often think that I am young and then realize that to these teens who volunteer, I must appear in a less than youthful light. I am thankful that Brenna so freely shared her feelings. I am going to keep this touching missive and I will work to live up to the observation that she presented--"No idea is too big for you nor is any detail too small".

The second note was from my friend who has been dealing with Parkinson's. The great part of this is that she is on new medicine and she can write again. I am so happy that there are researchers working on this dreadful disease.

The final letter was from a young family that I worked with at Seattle Children's. They were writing to let me know that their beautiful baby boy had died the day after I had worked with them. The note has his tiny footprints and their words help guide us forward in this mission of Soulumination. We all love to hear the thoughts of the Soul parents and their insights into the meaning of the photos.

I do appreciate emails also and was so happy to open one yesterday from our board member and photographer, Randell. She kindly attached a number of photos from her Saturday shoot for Soul. The family was radiant in the shots and the child is a stunner. Thank you so much Randell for your continuing efforts, you bless many with your skill and kindness.

I feel like this sunny day will be full of many inspirations. I am a little concerned that my beloved father in law is feeling a little disoriented. He is a man that means so very much to me so I hope to get good news from Sally after the doctor visit today. Heavens knows that once you are over 80 you are entitled to some days of less than clear thinking. He loves his garden and I am hoping that he is taking some time to just relax in the sun with his faithful little dog by his side near the fish ponds in his yard.

Keep my pal Charlotte in your hearts. She is going through a lot right now. Her image opens this entry. In love and peace, Lynette