Wednesday, June 10, 2009

As we walked off onto the plane in San Francisco for our final leg of the journey home from the paradise of being with our oldest daughter, Doug turned to me and said something about how incredibly lucky we are in having such a good life. I so agree and then to arrive in Seattle into the loving arms of our youngest daughter just reinforced the sentiment. Now all I have to come to terms with are the 4 bad kitties that we have found ourselves contending with and all the work that piles up while the owners of 2 small businesses are off traveling!

I had some time to reflect while we were away and I remembered a couple of things so clearly from my high school years that it helped make sense of all that has happened with Soul and its expanding outreach. One of my favorite teachers lost a daughter to leukemia after I graduated from Sequim High School and there is a lovely mural in her honor at Children's that I always stop to enjoy when I pass it. Plus one of my best friends lost her first baby just 2 years after we graduated, the feelings came flooding over me that these people that were so important to me as a young woman have led to me this expansion of the work of Soul. While away Sarah was busy fulfilling 10 requests according to the calendar, I am so thankful for all the photographers and for the staff that allows me some time to step away from the depth of emotion that builds as we weave our small gift into the lives of such amazing families.

I will share various photos and experiences from our trip down under in the next weeks, but mostly want to say that it was amazing that McKenzie and Ian so graciously shared their apartment and every part of their lives with parents for 2 solid weeks. They showed us their new country and fed us with their amazing cooking abilities and gave us so much joy in their kindness. Doug and I had both worried about being so much in their space, but they handled it all with grace. The highlight of the time is hard to pinpoint as we so enjoyed it all, but the weekend trip with them to Margaret River was indeed special and in a few days I will share photos of Ian and Doug climbing over 250 feet to the top of a huge gum tree, so unbelievably unsafe and I am sure exhilarating. With my fear of heights I made it up all of 4 rungs and felt proud.

As Doug likes to say after special trips, "back to reality". In love and peace, Lynette