Friday, May 08, 2009

Yesterday's work party for Soul kids and families was truly working with art and heart. We had such an incredible time and Babs did such a grand job putting this all together. Her daughter and friends from Holy Names were phenomenal helpers. Ryan, our friend and videographer was outstanding and it was fun to have him here as I have been recording his life since he was a child. Having him here to record a part of my life was magic.

My niece Betsy is so great with kids and now that she is my next door neighbor, she was so helpful yesterday that of course I am extra proud to have her as a part of Soul. Betsy and her mom created the beautiful quilt that we raffled at the Artist Sale last year.

While we were painting, Sarah received calls for 3 new shoots. The paintings we were working on will be used to create Valentine's that we will sell next year at the fifth anniversary so it was appropriate that we could be of service during the creative time. Its good for our helpers to know that we are using their efforts to further the legacy work of Soul right in that moment. One of our Soul moms is a photographer and while working with her boys on the painting she also agreed to shoot at Children's last night. We are so thankful to have Jodi on our 'staff'.

Enjoy this coming Mother's Day, in love and peace, Lynette