Wednesday, May 06, 2009

We are excited that the newsletter is printed and will be arriving in your mail soon. Lori Sawyer has gathered some wonderful words from Soul families and from Jeremy Leffel, one of our photographers to give this newsletter some real punch. This economic climate is tough on nonprofits but I remain calm in that I think our work will continue to gather enough funds to allow us to honor each and every request. At the board meeting last night it was amazing to look around the table at the eager faces. I am so blessed to have the support and advice of such brilliant and capable friends. I just read through the list of thank yous in the newsletter and we are joined by so many people to create not only photos but gifts for families and truly a support system that is working in such a caring and compassionate way. I am feeling humbled but proud as I would never have dreamed this little mission would become such a force.

Its been a busy week for me and one full of lots of nice memories. On Thursday I photographed the Bat Mitzvah rehearsal for the daughter of one of my former brides. It was great to be with this couple so many years later and to meet the charming young woman that has reached such a significant milestone. On Saturday Sarah and I shot the Bar Mitzvah for a young man that I began working on his first birthday. Now that I have years of experience I am able to chronicle the current events in many lives but also reflect on the past sessions. I have always known that many of my clients will accomplish some amazing feats. Currently the young man that I photograph every year with our Llewelyn is embarking on a professional bike racing career that is pitting him against the best in the world, including Lance and all the big guns. If you are a bike racing fan watch for the name Kiel Reijnen, his future is very promising. I am so proud to be a tiny part of so many inspiring lives.

Today is my husband's birthday and his entire crew is putting on a barbecue to celebrate, so instead of preparing a birthday dinner I made him his favorite, rhubarb pie(from rhubarb he grows in thelandscape of the parking strip) to enjoy for his birthday breakfast. Doug comes to the help of Soul in so many practical ways. He has always balanced out my flighty ways and is a rock for the foundation.

Lulu just celebrated her birthday with a party that encouraged the guests to come dressed as their spirit animal. I was honored that she asked if I would come to take photos but she wanted Doug and I to participate in the costume part also. I pondered briefly what my spirit animal would be, but with her usual thoughtfulness she said that she had come to the conclusion that I was a hummingbird. Well then, I guess my flighty nature and bustling approach is clear to my loved ones. Lulu's employer has again donated pottery to one of our Soul families and I heard that Emily was busy painting yesterday, huge thanks to Paint the Town and to Lu for helping dream up this wonderful legacy building activity for Soulumination families.

Doug and I will be leaving to visit McKenzie in a few weeks and we are so excited. I will take a camera of course and have put out little feelers for any Soul families that might live in Perth. Doug will golf while we are away so I would have time to shoot. If you know of anyone who would like photos in that part of the world, please let me know ASAP so we could set it up. Keep in mind that Perth is in Western Australia and very isolated, so I would not be able to be of service except in that city or Fremantle area.

Seems only right that Soul might be able to expand into another international location while our friendship with the family of Brandon in Edmonton, Alberta grows stronger. Brandon's mom is making all the birthday cards for Soul and is now designing some that are truly outstanding works of art and heart.

Tomorrow we welcome children of Soul to a work party to create paper that will be used to make our 5th anniversary Valentine's. Babs Glover is working with Channon's family to host what promises to be a special afternoon. Soul kids, sibs, family and friends are welcome to come over between 2 and 6 tomorrow to join in the fun.

I have lately been thinking of my pal Chris Young, so I am showing some photos of his photo shoot with his sisters. Thoughts of Chris make me smile and I hope I get to have some time with him again soon. His wit and wisdom just hit right to the heart and I feel he has insights that are really profound. Life is good, in love and peace, Lynette