Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Something has happened and once again a flood of inquiries has descended upon my email inbox and Soulumination has hit a cosmic chord. People from all over the US are asking for help in getting started doing legacy work with their cameras. I am baffled and thankful at the same time. One person even wrote to say she had seen me on Oprah and wondered if we could advise her in getting started. That Oprah is one powerful woman, but unless I have finally lost all sense of reality, I have not appeared on her show. We have hoped that Oprah would consider a Soul piece and many have put tried to capture her attention for us but as usual things with Soul find their own path and the hearts are open to expanding the Soul concept with our without media attention. My good friend and long time client Heija is writing a blog on Oprah's site and one of my photos is used to show Heija's beautiful face, maybe that is all it takes in this high tech world to start the ball rolling. Whatever it is I am thankful for this expanding of the mission.

Please check out one amazing site that touched my heart this morning when I heard from its creator. We will look forward to connecting with Walter, but in the meantime read the page on his site "How you can Help", its truly touching--

Media has been a part of my life for a couple of days, while working on my luminarias at the cabin I was listening to the Today show when I saw an interview of Bill Gates and his father, I was thrilled to see one of my photos from his wedding fill the screen. A few minutes later my husband called to tell me to turn on KUOW because my friend Patrice was being interviewed about her mushrooming----I caught something about the cabin and photographer and I called her later and told her that it was so nice to be at the cabin and hear her describing the wonderful harvest we have been privy to in South Sound.

When I returned home yesterday from the calm ways at the cabin my emails were piling up and sadly they held the news of the sudden death of our computer guru, Jay Hoy. I am still reeling from this loss as Jay was so talented with computers and gave us special care and attention. He had such a good heart and was an honest and approachable business person. Jay had a very distinguished voice and as I type this I can hear it clearly. Jay took the work of Soul to heart and I only wish that we could have offered his family Soul photos but we can offer them our sympathy and caring. I will miss his memorial because we will be in Australia, but my heart will be with those who loved and appreciated this kind person.

I had a lovely Mother's Day and hope it was grand for you. I am posting 2 photos from the day, both shot at the special rock at Harstine where I build the little shrines. We built a much larger memorial that day to our mom's and grandma's, Lainie and Gerry. It was so nice to have Llewelyn with me and I got a touching call from McKenzie. I am now the proud owner of cowboy boot slippers, Lulu is outfitting me in fantasy footwear. In love and peace, Lynette