Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wow, some weeks are just so busy. After a day of editing photos from Tay Sachs shoots and realizing I have a lot more to do, then yesterday started out with a bang as we hosted our annual album making work party here at the studio. I am so thankful for all the help and realize that 5 and a half hours of solid gluing can make a person rummy. Thankfully there are no odors with the glue but it takes a lot of hands to create close to 100 albums to be used over the next year. Not only did wonderful women come to help, including Soul moms, grandmas, but many brought stunning paper to make the albums truly be remarkable works from the heart. I also want to thank Doug for stepping in with his handy skills to cut the boards that are the basis of the books.

I am posting more photos today from the Tay Sachs Conference. Enjoy the faces of William, George, and Krystie today.

Many thanks to Glazers for loaning me a lens for my 'new' camera body. Glazers has supported Soul in many ways and we are so happy to have their continued support.

We have 2 new families that were brought to our attention on Monday. Michael, Dawn and Aaron all completed shoots last week. Kurt, Heather, Teddi and Jeremy are on the books for this weeks work, plus we are working with one more family very soon. Our photographers have been working a lot so if you know one of them personally, they deserve a big hug and if you have friends who are professional shooters that you think would like to work with us, especially in the South End of the Seattle area, please have them call Sarah to submit work for her review with the idea that they might become part of the Soul network of photographers---206-297-0885 and please know that you can refer families to us through this number.

In love and peace, Lynette