Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last week it was jet lag, this week climate lag, after 3 days of sunbathing on the beach at the cabin I was all set to start summer and then the rains return and I realize its months until days of hot sun regularly, rats. But its so busy here at Soul Ballard that we are just hopping. Sarah is busy trying to keep up with all the new families and besides Sarah Mattingly and I shooting in Boston this month, Kurt, Teddi, Heather, Jodi, Deena, Sharlane, Jon, Randell and Dawn have completed shoots and we still have a few more to book.

At the cabin one of my first missions was to build one of my little beach memorials to dear Rose. The morning I was leaving for the cabin I was wondering if a rose would somehow be available on the beach in this cold spring weather and minutes later while I was driving to our favorite morning treat place, Besalu, there was a beautiful long stemmed red rose lying in the middle of Market Street. I did not stop to pick it up as the traffic was crowded that hour of the morning, but I did hold the image in my heart as I found beautiful pieces of shells to make the little shrine on my favorite large rock on the beach which affords me such natural solace. My love and sympathy to the family of one lovely girl.

Also at the cabin I watched the bio of Pete Seeger on PBS. It touched my heart and spoke of such clear and amazing values that I strongly urge you to see it. I jotted down a number of lines from songs that held special meaning and resonate with the work of Soul:

"For I am yours and you are mine"
"Guard well our human chain"
"Participation is what will save the human race"
and of course,
"A time to live and a time to die"

Still at the cabin I stumbled upon the amazing Native American series, "We Shall Remain". As I watched and finally at age 55 heard a truer history of this land than was ever presented in my years of education, I thought of the generosity of the grant from the Tulalip Tribe to the work of Soul and I thought of my new friends who fish at the Locks here in Ballard and how they shared the path to receive the grant. I thought of the great talk that Sherman Alexie gave at the Hospice Fundraiser and counted myself lucky to know and call a few of our native Americans as my friends.

You will soon be receiving our latest newsletter. Lori Sawyer, our board President and newsletter guru has worked hard to put together another moving account of the work of Soulumination. Its just so touching that her son is going to stuff the envelopes for us, thank you so much Jack.

Today I share the work of Teddi who worked with Cianna at Seattle Children's last week. As you can see she is a beautiful little girl and we are blessed to have Teddi working with our families.

The sun is peaking out so off I go to get a few rays and get ready for today's shoots, in love and peace, Lynette