Friday, March 13, 2009

Today's sunshine is so welcome as its the day of the wedding of the son of board member and longtime friends Mark and Deb Hamby. I am so honored to be shooting the wedding of someone that I met the day they were born. Sarah and I have been looking forward to this wedding and it will be so nice having my husband as a wedding guest and my god daughter will be standing as 'best person' for her brother.

This day is such a nice balance to last night when I was called to Children's hospital for another beautiful child. This stunning baby boy is fighting hard and over the next days I hold hope that this family will have some spark of good news.

I am heading to our cabin tomorrow morning to spend time working on the luminarias and spending time with good friends. I will be back on Tuesday for the board meeting. I love that cabin time, the beach and the favorite spot for building little memorial altars just is such a comfort.

Please read the blog written before this one to get a better description, but I am hoping some of you might recycle painted tin cans with me for work on my latest little project. Working to make the luminarias takes my mind to places of peace and that is so welcome with all the sorrow that tries to creep in. I am attaching a photo today of some of the finished pieces. If you know anyone with restaurant or catering business that might use food items that come in the painted tins I would appreciate it if you would ask if they would be willing to share them with me once they are empty! I can use many painted tin cans and some bright and colorful aluminum drink cans.

Please keep in mind the upcoming work party to create the beautiful photo albums for our families. We are always looking for people who like to work with paper and are precise in their work habits. If you can join us April 7 it would be wonderful.

In love and peace, Lynette

*****An update on the beautiful angel boy from last night, sadly they are removing life support and my new hero, Daniel Sheehan has agreed to drop everything and head to the hospital. I am so grateful, was just getting dressed for the wedding and the call came. Daniel is such a good person to make this happen. Kudos to Tara and Jodi for trying to make it happen, but when you have young kids yourself its not possible to just run out the door. *****