Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today was a magic day for me, a day of hope, a day of reuniting with Soul friends. I was so excited to welcome Channon and her sister Christiana over for updated photos. Channon was one of our earliest Soul shoots after the foundation formed and I love her entire family, their kindness and thoughtfulness are treasured traits. Channon is doing very well indeed, but they are monitoring her seizures and hopefully can eventually control them with medication. The sisters are just dynamite and the level of energy was invigorating. Channon's parents will assist us in May in creating some special art paper that will be used to raise funds at our 5th Anniversary celebration. We are blessed to know these fine people and to watch Channon defy the odds as she moves forward with gusto.

Minutes after this amazing experience, Andrew and his family arrived and I was so happy to welcome this wonderful teenager back to Ballard as its been over 3 years since we first worked with this charming family. When I first met the Parisi's it was at a birthday party for Francisco, I was smitten with Andrew's mom and brother as the entire family boldly wore their heads clean-shaven to honor Andrew's courageous fight. Today I got to spend a lot of time reminiscing and just catching up with this great group. Andrew's dad, Dave is so encouraging of the work of Soul and they all spend time helping me find the way to truly enjoy each child while trying to keep my footing with all the loss. I feel so cared for and so accepted with these wonderful friends. I am so happy to report, that like Channon, Andrew has met his medical diagnosis with true grit and now is well enough that he only needs to report for yearly checkups.

Later Lew and I went out to try on vintage fashions at our new friend Pat's house. Lew and I model for Pinky's Passion for a Cure for Parkinson's. We do this little work in honor of my lovely friend Lise who is fighting this nasty disease. I am so happy that we can do a little something, plus it gives me wonderful time with my beautiful daughter. I am so delighted that we have introduced Heidi Adam to this group as she is now on the board and its so wonderful to watch her honor her amazing dad, Tom Berger as he wages his battle against Parkinson's. I am thrilled that long-time client and friend of mine Claire Deligan is also getting involved in honor of her late father-in-law. It kind of makes me laugh to think of the beautiful young models that I can bring to this cause.....and one aging, nutty photographer/'model'.

I want to thank Tara for going to Children's today and also Aaron who will be there on Monday. Each of our photographers so generously gives of their time and their heart to capture priceless images. I am so proud of each one as they have truly given in a most profound way. This morning I received lovely images from Desiree in Virginia who is now working to provide Soul type images to families in her area, it will be grand to work with Desiree and Sarah Mattingly next week in Boston. In love and peace, Lynette