Thursday, March 26, 2009

Its a sunny but cold morning here in Ballard and I am on my own today. Sarah is home recuperating from a medical procedure so I am shooting for my business and manning the phones for Soul. In the past week Jeremy, Daniel and Sharlane have completed shoots along with the newest member of our photo team, Deena. Each shoot had such beautiful shots and I am so pleased that these 4 new families will be blessed with such treasures. On Saturday Aaron has a shoot and I am doing updates for Channon and her family and Andrew and his family. I believe that Jon did updates for a family this past Saturday, so we are very busy. Another new shooter, Heather Baker was scheduled to work on Saturday but the family had to postpone, that is so common here at Soul with the medical conditions often making it necessary for families to reschedule a few times before the shoot actually happens. I thank our team for their patience with all of the juggling we ask them to do with their time. On Sunday Doug and I, along with Lulu and Mike hope to go bowling with Sarah and her mom. We will be joined by Charlotte's family so this is a week of Soul connections.

The Tears Foundation was kind enough to ask me to come to a meeting and share the mission of Soulumination. Please take a minute to check into the Tears Foundation website-- they offer support for families with financing for funerals, memorials and burials and they also offer support groups for families who have suffered infant loss. It was wonderful to meet the women behind this work and I am sure we will be fielding more calls from the Tacoma area with this sharing. We hope to add some photographers in the Tacoma area, so if you know anyone who might like to volunteer please contact Sarah. Each of our photographers submits their work for our review and meets with Sarah for briefing and instructions before we add them to our team. We need to make sure that the level of expertise and even the photo equipment is up to the task of creating legacy gifts for our Soul families.

Its coming up on a year since my mom died and I will be flying to Boston compliments of mom to work at the Tay Sachs Conference. I will be joined in the photography work by our associates and friends in the east, Sarah Mattingly and Desiree Hopf. It will be a wonderful way of celebrating mom's devotion to the work of Soulumination. I am posting a few photos from the conference 2 years ago so that you can see the lovely faces of children that live have this tragic disease.

We have the annual photo album making work party coming up on April 7 here at Soul Ballard. We need help from those of you with precise skills working with paper. Last year we created enough albums for the entire year and we hope to do the same this year. We will work from 10 til 8ish and can use your help please. Call 297-0885 and leave a message if you are going to join us. We will ask each attendee to create a prayer flag to add to the growing number that we will need to canvass the courtyard for next years celebration of 5 years of service. I will be taking prayer flag making materials to Boston to be sure each Tay Sachs family has flags flying. If you can't attend the work party but want to contribute paper for these stunning albums you can buy lovely sheets of paper at Impress or Fireworks in U Village. A number of our supporters have sent lovely paper, so thank you to my sister, Patti, Patrice and Deb for their contributions. This work day is a lot of fun and often we are joined by Soul parents which makes the day very special indeed.

I am still smiling from the fun of a road trip to Vancouver on Tuesday with 4 wonderful women friends who are Soul supporters of the highest degree. Kari, who helped almost from day one of Soulumination, Sidni, Molly and Diane. We went to buy things at Dressew to make items for the Artist Sale in December. Yes, keep saving pained tin cans for me as I am just loving working with the metal. I am having wings created in the next few days that will be added to the finished product. I have had a vision of making these luminarias for a few years now and in my mind they were winged, so with the help of the long-suffering and kind husband Doug, the wings are almost a reality. But now I must fly to that darned exercise bike. In love and peace, Lynette