Thursday, March 05, 2009

I don't usually write so often, but today I found out that the father of my first ever bride passed away last week. I have always been so thankful to this family for approaching me about photographing a wedding before it had ever crossed my mind. Bryce's wife had seen one photo of my girls at my in laws house and called to say that they wanted wedding photos that were not conventional but that had some emotion. I have been so thankful for their faith in me and I realize that even the work of Soulumination has evolved out of the first supporters of my photography. Not so long ago I had the pleasure of photographing Bryce with all his beautiful children and grandchildren. We had a lovely time at Volunteer Park. I send much love and care to his wife Kris and the entire family.

I am sharing today a birthday card given to me by my good friend Patty Carr. The words of the message frankly knocked me out and I hope to live in such a way that makes this applies more clearly to my life.

Big thanks to Daniel Sheehan for another amazing shoot with a new family. We are so thankful that he is willing to share his talent so generously.

A happy birthday wish to our board president and amazing Soul mom, Lori Sawyer. Sarah and I joined her for coffee this morning and its such a joy to work with this wonderful woman. In love and peace, Lynette