Monday, March 02, 2009

Every week brings ups and downs of course and this past week had lots of highs and lows. We have gotten calls for 8 possible new families. Sarah is booking two while I write this missive. I attended the memorial for my friend Christy and was thankful to be enveloped by the love and outpouring of support for this lovely woman. It melted me that a friend of hers asked me to do another small favor and I was able to accomplish that photo request from her boys preschool with the help of her husband Mike and the amazing Internet. I will always be thankful to the thoughtful writers of Star Wars who gave Christy's twins the idea of the spirit being always present even after a body leaves us.

We have our new brochures and I couldn't be more pleased with them. In looking at them it brought to mind something that I don't always share about Soul: We are often presented with cases that seem like death is imminent, but miracles do happen and 4 of the photos on our brochure represent such wonderful outcomes. Our dear friends Channon and Taryn are both living as well as one mom who is fighting in the most amazing way and has had some great results, and we are so hoping that beautiful Grace is making her way also. For those of us working daily with Soul these triumphs are something that helps us when we see so much loss. The hope for these families is such an important thing and we are so thankful that we can share stories that have such unexpected and positive results. Huge thanks to our designer Rob Murray and supporters Julie Raab and Kelly McNellis. Organization and editorial help came from our own Sarah Landa, Mark Hamby and lead on the Legacy Project, Brenda Wagner.

On Saturday I got to experience the high of being surrounded by artist women that I love in a Project Runway style of celebration. 27 women worked in teams of 3 to design and produce skirts with a "Lynette" style in the mode of the Bravo series. We were joined by Heidi Klum (Carla PenescuReich), Tim Gunn(Michael Petereson), Nina Garcia(Adriene) and Michael Kors(MIke Kaplan-Minor). I am wearing one of the creations as I type and I can't tell you the amazing amount of energy that filled this space and lingers in my heart. If you would like to see more photos of this event, just ask to be my friend on Facebook and you can see a gallery of photos there taken by Randell Walton and myself. I am so happy that my Llewelyn was here and sewing and that McKenzie joined us on her break from work in Perth via phone. I count myself one lucky woman to have such friends and family and a great husband who built the runway, helped set up and take down and acted as the great host that seems to emerge every time we have guests. I am sharing a couple of photos of the skirts from that magic night. Heartfelt thanks to those who were part of the day.

Another big thanks to our pal Charlotte for her amazing fundraising birthday party. The prayer flags that were created were stunning and she raised a grand total of $630 dollars plus another $150 at Christmas time! Her are so thankful for her efforts and we send her lots of love as some of the recent days have been difficult for her.

In love and peace, Lynette