Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In wondering how to grow and evolve with the work of Soulumination, the balance in life is something that has been on my mind lately and this week my heart both dipped and soared. At our board meeting last night we had two beautiful guests, Matt Kochel's wife and daughter joined us for the evening and watching Randell hold that charming Elizabeth through a good part of the night was so precious. After the board members departed, Matt and Celina stayed so that Doug and I could have more time with the lovely Elizabeth. I was blessed to be holding her when she laughed for the first time, what a thrill.

Two days before my heart had been tattered with the heartbreaking news that the young father who had been the ring bearer at our wedding had died in a motocross accident. He left behind 5 children and his wife, parents and wonderful siblings. When he was a little boy I was frankly nuts about him. Hi's parents were just the nicest couple and great role models for a high school student. They were hardworking, attractive, wise and loving young parents who trusted me as a part of their children's lives. They allowed me to build a fun relationship with their third born son and when Doug and I married, Matt and his sister were our ring bearer and flower girl. Matt's grandmother helped to make my wedding gown.I had not seen Matt since McKenzie was little and we watched him race at the King Dome. His parents made the trip to Sequim from Vancouver a year ago to attend my mom's memorial. I did not hear about Matt's memorial in time to attend, but I send my deepest sympathy to his beloved family. Today's photos show Matt and I before we entered the beautiful church in Port Townsend and the second is Matt's mom Sande checking out my flowers after the ceremony.

I had the lovely experience of hosting my good friends Kari and Sidni at our cabin this weekend. They joined me the first day in making one of my shrines on the rock at the beach for the newest angel baby that both Daniel and I had met. After hearing of Matt's death the next day I went back through pouring rain and wind to find the rock wiped clean and I built a rugged memorial piece to Matt from beautifully twisted branches that had washed on shore overnight.

I am excited about the work being done by our committee to further the Legacy work of Soulumination. Last night Brenda brought us up to date on how we are proceeding to connect with hospice, hospitals, churches and support groups to offer photos to adults at end of life. I will hold Matt Larson in my heart as this work expands as he certainly touched mine and I am thankful for the arrival of lovely baby Elizabeth to remind me that life is full of many amazing people. In love and peace, Lynette