Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another new Soul photographer has completed her first shoot. We are proud to welcome Heather Baker to our ranks. She attended her first Soul shoot where she accompanied our beloved board member Randell to work with a beautiful child. As of today we will have completed work for 5 new families this month and have three more booked and an update for our dear Channon coming up. Sarah is working out details to solidify other shoots and I will be off to the Tay Sachs conference in a couple of weeks. Photos of all the Tay Sachs children that are part of the Soulumination Collection have been sent to Boston for the Conference.

I had such a wonderful experience when I spoke to the class of advanced photography students at University Prep last week. It felt good to be around such dynamic young people and I believe their hearts were open to the work of Soulumination. It was amazing that one young man told me he is a neighbor to the Coxon family and that he knew Sydney and spoke of her so fondly, its truly a small world.

Yesterday I used a gift certificate from my nice husband for a facial at Tangerine Spa Studio in Wallingford. I think I have mentioned Katie before, but her service is truly wonderful and I left feeling free of those silly worries that I need to leave alone. After this wonderful facial I had a sweet time to skype with McKenzie in Perth and then set out for an evening with my art group. I am so lucky to have this life, amazing friends and a great family.

I want to thank those of you who so graciously and generously responded to our request for rubber stamps, paper, etc. My sister Patti, our good friend Colette and Diane Shea deserve a special thank you for their generosity. There will be a work party on April 7 to make the beautiful photo albums for our families. It most likely will run from morning through the evening. Please contact Kari here at Soul(297-0885) if you want to participate or would like dates of future work parties. I know that Mercer's parents have expressed interest in working with us again in his honor and so I share one of my favorite photos of this beautiful angel to open today's missive.

Personally, I am working on the items for the artist sale now as in later spring, summer and fall my time is devoted to my business and Soul shoots. I have a new project and am looking for "tin/steel" cans that are painted rather than having paper labels. I am creating some tin luminarias and will soon be making light fixtures that are inspired by Mexican folk art. I can use all shapes and sizes of painted cans, from olive oil tins, to cookie containers, fruit cans, almost any tin can with a painted surface, so if you are recycling these types of cans please send them my way. I am also using unusual aluminum beverage cans, such as imported beers and soft drinks, would love some Fanta cans as they are currently exploding in color and Arizona Ice Tea and Hawaiian sodas have great logos. I don't need thousands but can use quite a few so keep me in mind.

I close thinking of all the amazing emails I have received recently thanking Soulumination for our work. A number of lovely letters have arrived by mail also and it makes my heart sing that people who have so much to deal with have been touched enough by Soul to reach out in gratitude. In love and peace, Lynette