Monday, February 23, 2009

Yesterday brought such tragic news that my heart feels shattered. I lost a friend who is the mother of the most charming twin boys. She died on February 18th while driving on the Fremont Bridge. She was young and beautiful with a voice that was so gentle and a way of parenting that just knocked me out. After reading about her death I kept thinking that I wanted to walk to her house, which is just a few blocks away but with a nasty cold I just couldn't think of why I would do that. A few hours later her husband showed up in my kitchen and it took my breath away to be asked to do the smallest job for her memorial. I feel honored that I got to talk to her husband and get a few minutes of his time. He reports that the boys are being loved and tickled by grandmas and aunts and we will have the chance to make each boy a special book of photos of their mom once Mike has time to gather the photos. I will miss Christy and will cherish the opportunity to continue to record her precious men. I am so thankful that we took photos annually since the boys were babies. I send this family all peace and love in this time of incredible loss.

I also got word yesterday of the loss of the mom of a boy that I have been photographing for a number of years. His mom died after a hard fought battle against breast cancer. I heard from his step mom that they have had incredible counseling and I know his family will love him through this grief and help him keep her memory alive. Keep Morgan in your hearts along with Christy's boys Owen and Jack because we all know that the loss of your mom is something that brings such huge changes.

We have had calls for 5 new families this last week. Sarah is working to get them all booked. Our newest photographer for Soul just completed her first shoot and we are pleased and proud to have Dawn Lucrisia Johnson working with us. Her caring husband took time to bring us the disc on Friday and I am thankful for his willingness to join in this effort.

I must leave now to pick up the photo for Christy's memorial and will take it by her home. I guess I think that through the work of Soul I have come to be a part of loss in a way that will keep me stable, but today I am tearful and sad and that is the only way I can be. Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to say goodbye at her memorial. I close feeling this loss but hopefully will find my way to the love and peace I want to live, Lynette