Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day was very special indeed as I got to attend two wonderful birthday parties and danced away the night. The first party was hosted by Soul parents, Paul and Angie for their 7 year old daughter Charlotte's big day. I am moved and thankful for their amazing thoughtfulness in asking guests to support Soulumination in honor of this occasion. The idea that more families will be served because of the caring of these people is the essence of grace.
I open the blog today with a photo of Charlotte all dressed in her birthday/Valentine finery with Heidi, mother of Soul angel, Mercer. I shared with Heidi that I had stopped and contemplated Mercer's photo the other day, remembering the love he generated with this amazing presence.
Not only did Charlotte gather funds for Soul but one of the activities for the day was creating prayer flags that will be part of the big celebration next year to honor what will be our 5Th year of service. It was so touching to see everyone decorating colorful hearts for Charlotte's room and flags for Soulumination. The flags and hearts were hanging outside to dry as I left so a grabbed a shot to share with you.

In the evening Doug and I attended a second special birthday for our dear friend and nurse extraordinaire, Suzanne. I met Suzanne when I met Francisco and our friendship is now one that I hold close. To see so many nurses from Children's that work on the SCCA floor having such a grand time was wonderful. I got to dance a lot last night, mostly with Doug but sometimes the music just carries my feet to the floor and I just dance. After 30 years of marriage, Doug often joins me but sometimes it seems he wants to sit and people watch and I just need to move. Some of that need to lose myself in the music comes from the fact that the lives we see and touch with this work of Soul stick with me in ways that are sometimes difficult. Just this week found our board member, Randell and I back at Children's on the same day working with two new families. It was just Super Bowl Sunday that this happened for the the first time and days later we were back at it again. I love the idea that we are able to give this legacy gift but its still hard to think of the potential loss and sorrow for the beautiful families that we meet.

I wanted to also share a photo today of our board president, Lori Sawyer. I snapped with during a recent meeting here in the office and it gives me a chance to thank her again for coming into my life and into the work of this little foundation. Her efforts with the newsletter have allowed us to share our story and grow through the generous support of our friends. Lori has a sparkle that always makes me feel happier to be with her.

Tomorrow I will get to have time with Llewelyn, her boyfriend Mike, and Doug as we go out to have dinner to celebrate my "double nickels" birthday. I feel like I am so blessed to have this life and I want to also say Happy Birthday to two women who share my birthday, Brenda and Anne, two beautiful, strong and supportive women who have stood by me with the work of Soul. I close in love and peace and with one more hug for the enchanting Charlotte and all she has done for us, Lynette