Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Its nearly Valentine's Day, one of my favorite days of the year and tomorrow lovely handmade cards will be sent thanks to Kari and our wonderful volunteers. We have a few new high school women who are helping us each week and I will be sure we grab a photo soon to share them with all of you. Its amazing the level of commitment and understanding that these young women bring to our little Soul foundation.

I get to share Valentine's Day not only with my sweetheart Doug but with Charlotte and her family and her entourage of loving supporters at her 7th birthday celebration. I heard from her mom that the little charmer requested that gifts be given to Soul in honor of this day and Charlotte I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wish to pay our services forward. Later that evening Doug and I will step out again to celebrate a very special birthday with my nurse friend Suzanne, who is truly a Valentine herself and has spread love and compassion to countless families in her nursing career and just through her beautiful heart. Of course my own Valentine's are being sent and I have also heard that there is the possibility of one of my favorite treats arriving via a Soul family who has so thoughtfully observed my own birthday each year since I met them when Emily was supposedly not going to live to her next birthday. Many of you who follow this blog know Emily and her red hair and her tenacious way of surpassing and surviving all that is thrown in her path.

Sarah and I had the pleasure sharing lunch with a mentor that I truly admire. Michelle shared the grand news that there is now a guild at Children's Hospital honoring a beautiful Soul angel that will benefit palliative care. It has long been a hope that such a group would form and now the reality will mean so much to families that are facing life threatening illnesses in their children. The great staff of the Palliative Care Unit has led the way for Soul and has guided us beautifully to fulfill this mission of photographic legacy

Tomorrow is our annual photographers meeting and it will be so good to be able to thank each and every one of them for their service to Soul families. One of the social workers that we know call friend will be speaking at our meeting and we are so grateful to her. The talent and willingness shown by our photographers to join us in this work has enabled me to regain time with my husband and family and allows me some time to create in my little art space. I am honored and proud to say that we have huge talent on our side and hearts that are so grand and giving.

I send a big thank you to my sister Patti in Oregon for sending paper today as I requested in my last blog. Don't forget if you have scrapbook papers that you are willing to share, we will put them to good use, also pigment stamp pads and embossing powder would be grand. When my dear friend Lise's mom died she brought embossing powders to one of our art nights so now it will be lovely to know that things from her mom's art studio will be used to continue to support the growing number of families who would like to have Soul photos.

I close with the sad news that we have lost two more beautiful Soul children. My heart breaks for these families but I have heard that the photos that we have provided are a huge comfort. Please take the time to feel the blessings that flow each day and leave space in your heart to honor those who are so deeply effected by these losses. In love and peace I share a photo taken by Sarah of me with my two charming Valentines, Lynette