Tuesday, February 03, 2009

From now on Super Bowl Sunday will have a deeper meaning for me. I knew that morning our amazing board member and photographer Randell would be visiting Children's to meet and say goodbye to a new Soul angel baby. As I settled down to sew in my art room with the TV on to see the Steelers and the Cardinals open for Bruce Springsteen I got a call from a social worker at Children's and I mistakenly thought that she was talking about Randell's angel but she expained that indeed there was a second baby whose parents would also like photos. I was on my on my way in fifteen minutes and while in route to the hospital, Randell called which is always nice to have a pep talk when heading to such a sorrowful situation. I send my sincerest sympathy to both families and hope that when they receive their images they will find some small comfort in their arrival. I will hold in my heart the lovely face of the baby boy that I met.

We are working with our friend and supporter, Jenni Wilson to create a new Soul product for our artist sale. We are working on some lovely banners that spell Soul and would love to see if any of you have items that you might donate. As a paper lover myself I know that we often buy and hoard and have papers that might find better use in the hands of others. So we are hoping that some of you might look through your stashes and consider recycling with us. The economic climate also means that we must be mindful of spending. So here is what we are looking for and you can call us or just drop things by the studio, 206-297-0885:

Scrapbook paper, in artful prints at least 4 by 6 in size
Pigment ink pads
Embossing powder
Interesting rubber stamps

I know that there must be so many people who buy this type of craft supply and then never really use them, so if you are willing we will use your castoffs to generate funds to help continue the mission of Soulumination. Here is a photo of the prototype so that you can see what we are looking for.

In love and peace, Lynette