Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Today I will be joining many others in saying goodbye to my friend and champion, Marin Morrison. We all have known that this day was coming but its still hard to think that now Marin will be with us in spirit and that we no longer have her physically. I tried to build one of my little altars for Marin on the beach at Harstine on the big rock that I always visit, but this time the tides played with the situation and the boulder was surrounded by water each time I took a walk to work on what I thought would be my personal goodbye. In my final attempt the sun was shining so beautifully and the water was so blue that it hardly seemed that I was in the South Sound area in January and when I saw that the tide was once again too high to walk to the 'sacred' spot I started chuckling, of course water would block this creation, it was the only thing needed to celebrate the life of my fish-like pal Marin. She had taken a tiny bit of my heart with her to Beijing and on to the White House when she visited with all the other Olympians. I cried when I saw the piece on the news this weekend about her passing, she was wearing the little eye patches that I had made her and I realized that in this tiny way I got to be a part of her amazing success. I trust that Marin's ability to rise to every challenge will mean that she will now help guide the work of Soul from a new realm and that we all will have learned more about honoring the children of this foundation.

When I arrived home from the cabin yesterday the doorbell rang with Daniel Sheehan bringing the disc from our latest Soul shoot. Daniel answered the phone of the first ring a few days ago and set out to work with a family who was losing a three month old baby girl. Daniel arrived minutes after this angel had died and brilliantly recorded images that are stunning in beauty and emotion. Now Daniel is off to shoot a wedding in Italy and I hope his time is amazing because he has captured something so tragic in such a sensitive way that he deserves to have a very special time in Italy.

We were deeply touched to hear from a Soul mom that we were receiving the proceeds from a special bake sale that was held in memory of her daughter. Dana had worked with this family and captured images that have now caused this family to help others have photographs. It is so moving when the work of our photographers is viewed with such appreciation that we are able to move forward.

I am wanting to thank a number of other people and business who made our artist sale last month such a big success. If you know any of these fine folks please let them know that we are all so grateful and if you have an opportunity to support the businesses please let them know that they are making a difference: Ballard Tully's and Starbucks donated coffee, Lisa Coon and Mitch Evans donated greens, Marcia Zech donated hydrangeas, Gayle Blair donated soap dishes, and Artistry Desserts and Cupcake Royale donated gift certificates. When I write to acknowledge businesses I always want to slip in yet another thank you to the folks at Annie's Art and Frame and Moonphoto who have unfailingly stood with us in making gifts for each and every family, please support these truly giving businesses.

I close as always in love and peace and with a smile as after writing this I realized I needed to locate something on my messy desk and in the search uncovered the final eye patch I had made for Marin. This one I had made thinking of how much my daughter McKenzie likes butterflies I chose a fabric that is printed accordingly. I never mailed this last one as Marin's dad Matt let me know that they were no longer needed, so tonight I will cover one eye with these wings and sail into the love that surrounds the loss of my mermaid friend, Lynette

Special thanks to Greg Johnson and Matt Morrison for the treasured photos of Marin and I.