Thursday, January 29, 2009

One of the unexpected pleasures of Soulumination has been the incredible friendships that have blossomed. Last Sunday Doug and I had dinner at Charlotte's house and we got to experiance the magical relationship that has sprung up between Cha Cha and Doug's bowling partner, Sarah. To see them enjoying their play date was something special, plus Doug and I are also very fond of their wonderful parents! I am posting a photo of the best friends and a new one of Charlotte with her mom, Angie.

We are putting the finishing touches on the yearly Valentine's that we send out to our families. This Valentine'smarks our 4th Anniversary and we are just starting to think about a big celebration in 2010 to remember all the amazing people who have become part of the Soul network. We are asking all of you to make prayer flags for this event, they are to be made on 4 by 6 pieces of unhemmed fabric and you can use paints or markers or printing to make as many flags as you would like. You can feel free to honor those in your own life who are part of your legacy or maybe one of our children or adults especially inspires you. At some point we will have a day here where you could come and create using our materials. When we set a firm date I will let you know but the celebration itself will most likely be the first weekend of February 2010.

I want to thank Stephanie, Aaron and Stephanie for their recent efforts for Soul. Their shoots have netted amazing images and I am so very grateful for their continued support. I have a shoot on the calendar for tomorrow afternoon and look forward to meeting this young woman.

Hugs to all of you who have donated recently. The wonderful notes that come with many of the generous donatons truly warm my heart. In love and peace, Lynette