Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I was just adjusting to the loss of one great young athlete, Marin when I heard that the world had lost another amazing star in Shayla. Leo had been her photographer and I heard from him and from her palliative care worker that she was just a lovely young woman. These losses are tough but we all know that we have been blessed to meet these young people and to be a tiny part of creating a legacy for the loved ones to hold. I share photos of Shayla and send our deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

I received two amazing legacy gifts this Christmas. The first arrived by mail from Edmonton, Alberta but I didn't open it right away as I assumed it was a box of '09 birthday cards that Brandon's mom assembles in his honor for the Soulumination families, but inside the box was the most amazing scrapbook of Brandon's life shown through his Soul photos. The work and style of the book is truly inspiring. The second legacy gift was delivered last night by our daughter Llewelyn, it had been under our tree but was unfired when I opened it so Lew had taken it to complete the painting and fire it at her place of work, Paint the Town. You can see it here today in a photo with Brandon's book. It is a plate that Lew brought to the hospital last March and lovingly made a hand print of my mom. She then wrote the words she spoke at Mom's graveside gathering. It truly is a treasure. Paint the Town has given plates or mugs to a number of our Soul families to create their own keepsakes and I thank Mary Anne for this generosity as now that I have one of my own I realize fully the impact of such a gift.

Its a pleasure to finally share an image of Shamus, I promised his lovely face a few weeks back but needed to wait to receive the images from Sarah. This photo taken by Daniel shows this beautiful boy in all his glory. He is in full remission and has a bright future that is being watched by doctors at Duke University.

I am set for a meeting today with a family that I hope to be working with at an upcoming bar mitzvah. It has always been an honor to record for my clients. I want to thank them for the opportunity to work for them but now I also want to thank those who support all of our Soul photographers and who make it possible for all of us to share our talents with the families of Soul by supporting us and allowing us to feel that we can definitely afford to give back to the community through Soulumination.

I close as always in love and peace and with high hopes as we near the inauguration, Lynette