Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doug and I are just back from our anniversary trip to San Francisco and it included a stop at my mom's cousin's house to connect with the last living blood relatives of her generation. Doug and I were both charmed and excited to be with women who are so vital and beautiful while being senior in years. Both women were inspiring and I hope I keep that flair when I am a senior. I felt that this visit was the best way I could honor my mom as she loved these two so very much and she would be so pleased that we had connected again.

Today's blog is written by one of our cherished Soul photographers, Jodi Rosen. Each of our shooters comes to us with a special purpose or story, Jodi's is one that ties her to the work so clearly. The photos shown today were taken by Jodi and we are thankful to have someone who lives so close to Children's that she can often arrive for those types of shoots that are very time sensitive. Thank you Jodi for today's missive and for your devotion to the mission of Soulumination, in love and peace, Lynette

January 19, 2009

Words cannot possibly describe the impact photographs have on a person, let alone photographs that will be one of the only links to a loved one after they have moved on from this world. I know the impact and importance first hand and it is why I am so passionate about Soulumination and the healing this work brings to parents, siblings, grandparents -- all friends and family members whose soul has been touched by someone they love.

For me, this time of year is always filled with a mix of hope and sorrow. Hope for all that a “new year” brings and the anticipation of what lies ahead. Sorrow, as I reflect back to the day during this month four years ago when we lost our second child much too soon.

While the events that unfolded in the days leading up to his birth and death are still, at times, very raw and a bit hard to focus on for too long, one thing is blatantly clear. The photographs that we have of the birth of our son, Alex serve as the most calming and soothing reminder that he WAS here in this world and graced our lives with his all too brief presence.

So it is from personal experience and two years now of photographing for Soulumination that I am even more convinced than ever of the importance of this work. As proud as we are when our healthy, living children are born - we are just as proud of the births and lives of our children not long for this world. We need to honor them. Not just in our memories and intangible ways, but also in concrete, tangible, “Let me show you some pictures,” ways as well. It’s more than important. It’s CRUCIAL. It’s what keeps us going when things seem bleak and lonely and sad.

It’s not always easy to suggest a photoshoot to someone you know in need. I know crisis times are difficult and sometimes uncomfortable for those of us standing in the wings trying to figure out how to help. But it’s my hope that all of us will step up during these times and talk about Soulumination. Tell everyone you know. Talk to others about Soulumination not only during times of immediate need but on normal days and in regular conversations. Tell them so that anyone having the need for capturing a loved one with beautiful pictures may have the opportunity to do so. I’m so grateful we have our photos of Alex. He is with us ALWAYS. He’s not only in our hearts and minds, but here, right in front of us, clear and REAL and absolute in our photographs – to be shared with whomever we wish. Our beautiful baby boy, right here in these photos! I can’t imagine what our road to recovery would have been like without them…

Let’s all keep spreading the word,

Jodi Rosen